Escada Celebrate Life

Escada Celebrate Life Eau de Parfum new fragrance for woman 2018

Escada’s Celebrate Now, launched in the previous year, and has come out with its first flanker of 2018, Celebrate Life. This new edition has launched to remind you to live in the moment, and take each stage of your life as it comes. This fruity and fresh fragrance is made for the woman who enjoys life, as well as motivates others around her to have fun as well, and not dwell on past misgivings.

The composition of this scent is fruity, fresh, sparkling, and everything a woman represents. Packaged in a lovely pink and blue bottle, this perfume exudes feminity from the first glance. Touted as a “sensual and romantic scent for youth”, this fruity and floral fragrance is for the woman who approach every turn in their life with positivity, confidence, and charm.

Escada Celebrate LifeEau de Parfum 2018

Top notes: bitter orange, lychee, pear
Heart notes: Centifolia rose, orange blossom, amber
Base notes: ambroxan, vanilla, musk

At the opening, the top notes consist of Bitter Orange, Lychee, and Pear, a redolent fruity basket of favorites. As you venture deeper down, just like a woman, different aspects and layers open up to you. Centifolia Rose, Orange Blossom, and amber give a deeper tone to this otherwise single layered perfume. At the base, Ambroxan, Amber and Musk complete the entire fragrant beauty. This perfume has many different aspects to it, which are not visible to you at first, just like a woman. She is never what she seems at first glance, and has many different layers, which unravel themselves over time. But deep inside, she is still an innocent child, looking at the world with wonder and amazement.