Incandessence Lotus – ethereal, exotic, magical!

Avon Incandessence Lotus new fragrance 2018

Show what true female beauty is and dazzle the world with your pure energy. Incandessence Lotus will brighten up your inner glow. In every woman lies the hidden, inexhaustible energy of life. This clean, warm light inspired Avon to create Incandessence Lotus. Avon introduces a fragrance that expresses its pristine beauty and allows it to enter the visible world. Discover the new fragrance from the best-selling Avon Incandessence collection – Incandessence Lotus … ethereal, exotic, magical!

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Wrap yourself with the new Surreal Sky fragrance from Avon

Surreal Sky Eau De Toilette

Wrap yourself with the new Surreal Sky fragrance and get carried away by the magic of the night. To create this composition, the inspiration was a starlit, fascinating night sky. Surreal Sky toilet water is an intriguing fragrance for women, whose charm surrounds the aura of mystery. Perfectly suited for the evening out, although it looks equally attractive during the day. How does it smell? The composition combines the unique fragrance of the Flower One Night with the energy of juicy red fruits. The whole is supported by warm amber notes of the base.

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Avon Segno – powerful, inspirational fragrance

Avon Segno new fragrance for Men 2018 reastars.com

A fragrance that redefines the meaning of power for modern men, where generosity, empathy and influence are paramount. Also redefine the concept of sophistication with the exclusive combination of Vetiver’s natural ingredient, Rye Whiskey, with refined wood notes and a touch of fresh Sicilian lemon. Inspire everyone around you with this long-lasting fragrance. Try it – the best male fragrance you’ve ever had.

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Avon Luminata: Unique and elegant fragrance that reveals the real shine of every woman

Avon Luminata new fragrance 2018

AVON presents its new and exclusive fragrance, a creation born of the unique shine of women and the beauty of Swarovski crystals: AVON LUMINATA. There are few things in the world as beautiful as a pure and brilliant crystal. Like the smile of a woman, who shines and stands out with her radiant beauty and illuminates everything around her. New fragrance Avon Luminata – inspired by women who radiate light, proud of what they are. They strongly aspire to the reality that surrounds them and, in addition, they know how to give happiness and inspire others. This is how this fragrance is born, by the unique light of women and the beauty of crystals.

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Avon Life Colour new fragrance

Avon Life Colour by Kenzo Takada new fragrance 2018

Cosmetics giant Avon and Japanese iconic fashion designer Kenzo Takada have jointly designed Avon Life Color, which will be launched this year. Avon Life Color is the second fragrance cooperation with the world-renowned designer Kenzo Takada. “We’re incredibly excited about the potential of this new fragrance and the opportunities that it will bring to Avon and our Representatives around the world,” said Jonathan Myers, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Avon.

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Perceive Soul from Avon

Avon Perceive Soul fragrance

Perfume is much more than three main notes. It is the sound of nature itself, flowers, oils and extracts that it gives us. New fragrance Avon Perceive Soul resonates with the power and beauty of nature thanks to its natural ingredients and notes. Discover the natural harmony and calmness of natural notes in the fascinating scent of Perceive Soul.

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V for Victory by Avon

Avon V for Victory Eau de Toilette men fragrance

It’s a fact: men have to compete with each other! In their DNA, the desire to win is sculpted, especially in sportswear! Just think, for example, well-known footballers, tennis players or sprinters – these champions were born to win, be stars just like you! Men like you who love to express their own safety and determination always have something in common: they enjoy success and feel the smell of victory in their lives. They like to express their attitude through a fragrance with pronounced masculine charisma, like Avon V for the Victory Eau de Toilette, which creates a powerful aura from morning to evening. We discover the secret: the victory of these people like you is never accidental!

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New Avon Peace&Love Attitude fragrance

Avon Peace&Love Attitude new fragrance

Avon Peace & Love Attitude is a composition full of positive vibes for an optimist who enjoys life and celebrates every joyful moment. It will greatly improve your mood and positively tune you in the morning. The fragrance opens with a juicy aroma of bergamot, just to show your sensual heart with sweet notes of orange blossom and the tempting fragrance of freesia. At the end, they wrap you with a piña colada accent and a creamy base of blackcurrant and musk.

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