Michael Kors Sparkling Blush

Michael Kors Sparkling Blush new fragrance

The modern woman is the epitome of everything that one should be: smart, sensual, carefree, sexy, and innocent. Bringing these aspects of her to the forefront, Michael Kors has come out with a new range of perfumes, celebrating womanhood as it should be. The Sparkling Blush is a continuation of the perfume line Sexy Ruby, which was started in 2017.

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New fragrance Issey Miyake L’Eau Super Majeure d’Issey

Issey Miyake L'Eau Super Majeure d'Issey new fragrance 2018 reastars

In 1992. Issey Miyake decided to take inspiration from the smell of the water and its natural power to create one of his best-selling perfume. In a short time, this enigmatic fragrance gained notoriety and popularity. Even today, it has not lost its luster and presents itself in the new version from year to year. Issey Miyake has just presented his latest creation: The Water Super Major Issey. As you can see, it is derived from Issey’s L’Eau Majeure of 2017, but also Eau d’Issey for Men from 1994. Focus on this incredibly refreshing fragrance.

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Violet Noir – New fragrance Christina Aguilera

Another new perfume for the successful line of fragrance “Christina Aguilera”. Bringing a violet concept with floral aromas, “Violet Noir”, which means something like “Dark Violet” in French, the Eau de Parfum stands out for having a combination of woody aromas contrasted with floral and delicate arrangements. The color intense and mysterious brings an idea of secret sensuality.

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Joy by Dior – olfactive interpretation of light

new fragrance Joy by Dior 2018

Love your femininity and enjoy the fullness of life. Be spontaneous, be happy, be yourself. JOY BY DIOR is a composition created to emphasize the joy of life, ideal for women full of energy and smile. “I dreamed about making them not only more beautiful, but also happier” – Christian Dior wrote about women in his memoirs. It is a thought that is eternally alive in the fashion house of Dior, and today it gives rise to a completely new fragrance: Joy by Dior. It is a tribute to the couturier’s wish. The piece also celebrates the heart and true passion for fragrances that it has expressed since the beginning of its fashion house. In 1947, along with his first collection, he unveiled Miss Dior, a real olfactory manifesto of the New Look.

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Dolce & Gabbana The Only One

Dolce&Gabbana The Only One

Dolce&Gabbana The One is a fragrance that embodies absolute femininity. It does not go unnoticed and portrays the image of a woman who all admire. Like her smell, this creature shines in the spotlight. The One is the perfume of an exceptional woman who has been promoting the image of Dolce & Gabbana for over 10 years. The beauty and uniqueness of The One is undeniable, but from time to time Dolce & Gabbana give us a new variation of this wonderful fragrance. Therefore, at the end of August 2018 we can expect the latest creation called Dolce & Gabbana The Only One – a fragrance that captures the essence of sophisticated and hypnotizing femininity.

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David Beckham Inspired By Respect

David Beckham Inspired By Respect eau de toilette

Everything in life that has value is related to respect. And the center of humanity is also the centerpiece of integrity, in the form of sincerity and sympathy, and we can express it in utterances, friends, family, staff, teammates, and of course our own. This powerful thought inspired David Beckham’s latest perfume, INSPIRED BY RESPECT. A refined and modern fragrance for men in a stylish and unique style. In life, everything that has value is connected with respect. It is energetic and lively at the same time, but at the same time pleasantly warm.

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Alexander McQueen- McQueen Collection

Alexander Mcqueen Eight New Scent Collection

In 2003, master perfumer Alexander McQueen presented to the world his idea of luxury, opulence, and grandeur. Kingdom, made by Jacques Cavallier, was presented in a bottle which could be defined as a human heart, or an alien form. The spicy and seductive notes had captured the imagination of perfume lovers worldwide. However, it was discontinued, breaking the hearts of millions of souls worldwide.

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Katy Perry’s Indi Visible … Together we are Indi Visible

Katy Perry’s Indi Visible … Together we are Indi Visible

Discover the fragrance that turns every day into a special moment. Katy Perry’s INDI is inspired by the one thing we all have in common: our individuality. Rich and textural with sparkling top notes, blended with an airy floralcy, and artfully crafted with eleven musks, Katy Perry’s INDI is as unique as the people who wear it. Be yourself, be proud of yourself and start each day with an open mind – “Together we are Indi Visible”. Indi Visible is a perfume for an inspiring, self-confident woman who follows her own path. She loves simplicity and naturalness, which is the key to her own unique individuality. Attract glances with the unique fragrance of Katy Perry’s Indi Visible.

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Wrap yourself with the new Surreal Sky fragrance from Avon

Surreal Sky Eau De Toilette

Wrap yourself with the new Surreal Sky fragrance and get carried away by the magic of the night. To create this composition, the inspiration was a starlit, fascinating night sky. Surreal Sky toilet water is an intriguing fragrance for women, whose charm surrounds the aura of mystery. Perfectly suited for the evening out, although it looks equally attractive during the day. How does it smell? The composition combines the unique fragrance of the Flower One Night with the energy of juicy red fruits. The whole is supported by warm amber notes of the base.

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Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male In The Navy

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male In The Navy new fragrance 2018

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male In The Navy is the latest version of the iconic fragrance of the French fashion icon, this time stronger, more seductive and more masculine than ever before. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male In The Navy will be available on sale in August 2018. The latest version is enclosed in a recognizable flacon, iconic male-shaped torso, but this time in Gaultier’s beloved nautical style, with navy and white stripes. Image of two sailors and pin-up girl on the outer packaging are explicit: there is no time to get bored on this ship!

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Bvlgari Goldea The Roman Night Absolute

From August 2018 admirers of the luxury fashion brand Bvlgari can enjoy the new version of Bvlgari fragrance Goldea The Roman Night from 2017 – Goldea The Roman Night Absolute. The new fragrance of Goldea The Roman Night Absolute is a veritable incarnation of sensuality, unpredictability and free spontaneity inspired by the desire for life and passionate nights in the eternal city of Rome. After dark, lights out.

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Escada Celebrate Life

Escada Celebrate Life Eau de Parfum new fragrance for woman 2018

Escada’s Celebrate Now, launched in the previous year, and has come out with its first flanker of 2018, Celebrate Life. This new edition has launched to remind you to live in the moment, and take each stage of your life as it comes. This fruity and fresh fragrance is made for the woman who enjoys life, as well as motivates others around her to have fun as well, and not dwell on past misgivings.

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Lancome La Vie Est Belle Flowers Of Happiness

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Flowers of Happiness 2018 new perfume

A wonderful news for all fragrance lovers as the new addition to La Vie Est Belle Collection will launch in August 2018. The new collection has been named as La Vie Est Belle Flowers of Happiness and is sure to entice all the perfume users. The collection possesses all the requisites to soon become the talk of the town and make a niche for itself in the world of perfumes. Here are the unique aspects of the said perfume that makes it stands apart from the crowd.

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Mugler Cologne Rainbow Collection

New Mugler Cologne Rainbow Collection at Reastars.com

The world famous Cologne by Mugler has reinvented itself, and has come out with a rage of perfume colognes consisting of five different colors, in the concentration of Eau de Toilette. The fragrance has been described as “fresh and intoxicating”, with “light citrus notes.” Both elegant and seductive, the cologne “balances the crisp sparkle of traditional men’s cologne with a white musk, making it freshly familiar, yet sensually unsettling and tenacious.”

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