Today Tomorrow Always Absolute

Avon Today Tomorrow Always Absolute

When it’s real, it feels ABSOLUTE… Today Tomorrow Always Absolute is a new fragrance from Avon and the first that uses absolute.

Absolutes are highly concentrated aromatic oils extracted from plants using a solvent method. The multi-step process includes first extracting the aromatic oil from the plant material with a chemical solvent such as hexane. After the solvent is removed what is left behind is a waxy substance called a concrete. The aromatic oils are then extracted from the concrete with ethyl alcohol, and after the ethyl alcohol is removed, the remaining substance is an absolute – an oil with an aroma close to the plant from which it came. An absolute is the most concentrated form of fragrance and highly regarded in natural perfumery.  TTA Absolute Eau de Parfum is a floral-oriental fragrance. The notes of Calabrian bergamot, sensual orange blossom and sandalwood from Sri Lanka will conquer you once you try this perfume.

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Avon Today Tomorrow Always Absolute

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