What smells in your perfume? How to choose them for the occasion?


What smells in your perfume?

How to choose them for the occasion?

Perfumes, oh perfumes! Which of us not loves? The scent has mighty power! May improve mood, dare, embarrass the wistful, add power and energy. What makes it work like that? What ingredients smell in your perfumes and how to choose, to be an ideal complement to the dress, personality and opportunity?

Good perfumes are as perfectly composed a Symphony. They consist mainly of three notes. Their interaction with each other determines how we perceive the smell and how it wears. There are hundreds of components of perfumes, because nature is extremely rich, and imagination and nose of perfume wizards know no limits. Here are some of them:


Most popular flowers : magnolia, tuberose, violet, Orchid, Freesia, jasmine, Lily of the Valley, rose, patchouli, Peony, waterlily, without. The list is very long! Some flower oils are extremely expensive to raise, for example. with violet. You have to half a hectare of these flowers for a few drops of essential oil. Similarly, the minimum amount of oil give flowers of Magnolia. Grow in North America, China and Japan. Have a sweet aroma. The most popular and very much appreciated are roses. Their scent is long lasting and very rich, and various species of roses give different scores, from sweet after warm, musky. Some flowers, surprising the smell, for example. Tuberose gives wood aroma, which deepens the smell of other components. Tuberose is one of the most expensive components of the perfume.



Very often, because they perfectly fit together. It is ultra feminine and delicate connection. Jasmine was used in cosmetics for centuries. Already the ancient Greeks and Egyptians produced fragrant essential oil from its flowers. Today it contains varying concentrations of most perfumes! Studies have shown that Jasmine also has sedative properties and relaxing. Inhaling its aroma we send signals to the parts of the brain responsible for emotion. This is a great, natural way of coping with stress, depression and overuse. Jasmine has up to 200 varieties that grow in southern Europe, Asia and Africa. Flowers breaks manually, at dawn, not to have lost their properties. To obtain a kilogram of extract you need to collect up to 200 kg of flowers! Scent of Magnolia is presented as a floral, but with a twist of lemon. Is fresh, lush and rich. As jasmine improves mood and uplifting.


Is a component of many fragrances: these womens, but also men’s. Musk is appreciated and loved for a long time. Give a heavy aroma, and at the same time a very warm, sensual. Adds the simplest odours and luxury flair. Also improves mood and stimulates sexually.


Gives a warm, Woody, balsamic aroma, which is also very sensual. Interestingly, wood sandalwood takes on intensive smell only after twenty years of living plants. The older the tree, the more it smells. How does it work? Relaxes, improves sleep, but also increases the libido. So perfectly suited for romantic occasions, such as date or gala dinner.


Has a calming scent, which for a long time. Essential oils obtained from North American Red Cedar or Juniper Moroccan. Most often used to produce men’s perfume.



Pears, strawberries, peaches, plums, citrus fruits give a whole range of aromas, very valuable in the manufacture of perfumes. The Orange skins for example. cold-pressed, the essence of which is highly refreshing, sweet aroma. Peach gives velvety notes, pear and plum with the fullness of years. Some fruity note is obtained synthetically, others naturally. the essential oil of fireflies. Is a tropical fruit that is grown in Southeast Asia. Has a sweet but tart taste, just the smell – sweet broken is the pungent note. Bergamot is a fresh, aromatic, sweetish scent, very characteristic of feminine perfume. Great with floral aromas and citrus groves.The scent of bergamot in Europe popularized the English during the colonial period. Value it as a pleasant and warm atmosphere, which during winter times household to enjoy. Is an aphrodisiac, it works relaxing and calming effect on the stress and tension.



By selecting the smell of think about it, what you are, and how you want to be seen. You need a bit of confidence? You feel intimidated in the new job? You’re an important meeting that you have to emphasize your professionalism? Bet on the scent of delicate, but intense in its heart, for example. with the aroma of sandalwood or musk. If you do not feel sufficiently feminine, you want to add lightness, airiness, female attractiveness? Select the typical feminine perfume with aromas of flowers and citrus fruits, for example. with jasmine and Magnolia.

One type of perfume is usually not enough. Most of us have favorite bottle and smell that conjures up exceptionally well, but the truth is that there is no such, that would be perfectly everywhere and always. At work, during business meetings well for subdued fragrance. If you work in the Office, the Office, or in the hospital, it is better not to choose too strong perfume. Not without reason in such places is a “dress code”. These include the right makeup, hairstyle or just smell that should not go out on the first plan. Good to have so finer product, diluted version: Eau water or toilet. A completely different smell you can choose for going out in the evening, candlelight dinner or party with your friends. For chic evening creations will fit aromas heavier, richer, for example. a mixture of Oriental and szyprowe. Here with a clear conscience use concentrated perfume, not just of water perfumed or toilet. If you play sports, or going out of town for a weekend getaway, choose something light, refreshing and energizing: citrus flower, fragrances and ozone. Remember that in warm weather perfume aromas are felt more strongly! If you are planning a longer exposure to the Sun in General avoid perfumes, and instead choose one of water wipes or body mist. Applied to the skin perfume or perfumed water, under the influence of heat may cause discoloration or allergic. Better so be careful!


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