Scandal à Paris by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Scandal à Paris by Jean-Paul Gaultier new perfume 2019
Scandal is a fragrance by Jean-Paul Gaultier, who appeared in 2017. Politicizing with extravagance, Scandal by Jean Paul Galtier visited the perfumery when the presidential election was just taking place, with their large dose of scandals alone. The time of its premiere was absolutely perfect! From now on, his new perfume is called Scandal A Paris.
Scandal In Paris is a provocative perfume depicting a scandalous, liberal woman in the pictures, both resolute and provocative. His philosophy is the same as his predecessor. Scandal In Paris sounds like a manifesto of freedom. “We wanted to re-connect with the spirit of the fashion house Jean-Paul Gaultier, a terrible fashion child who combines luxury, popularity and sense of humor,” says Johanna Worth, deputy director of the Mazarine agency, a source of advertising for the scandal. “Today, women are free, have two lives, two jobs. We do not know if a young woman is a journalist or an escort, everyone imagines what she wants. But it must have been a bit shocking, not a little shy. It is a manifesto of the freedom to be yourself. ” It’s more than just perfume, it’s a creation aimed at women: no matter what they think others, the key is to follow their own path, enjoy life and live more and more. At the purely olfactory level, this results in the success of three tasty ingredients, gradually warming up to achieve a more sensual sensuality. Designed by Daphne Bugey, Scandal In Paris rushes first to a green, juicy and light power scent. Meanwhile, his heart enriches one of the most famous women’s perfume flowers: jasmine. Rich and luminous, it begins the path of seduction. The background of the scandal in Paris is becoming more bold, focusing on the whole sweetness of honey.
If the smell of the Paris scandal is a real novelty, its bottle remains essentially the same as its predecessor. Overcoming the pink base, both are intimate, and the unexpected cap gives the whole visual personality. He creates two female legs rising to the sky. More than ever, the Paris scandal has something to say! As the nice hood suggests, it is a totally stunning juice!