Alexander Mcqueen Eight Scent Collection

Alexander Mcqueen Eight New Scent Collection

Inspired by the subtle yet timeless appeal of the original Alexander McQueen fragrance, the brand has recruited a number of famed perfumers to reinvent the classic in their own style. As a result, eight different fragrances have been introduced to the world, bringing with them their own niche style of perfumery.

In this collection, there are five fragrances which seem light hearted and fun on the surface, but are deep and mystifying, and venture into the unknown, once you take a closer look at them. “Veiled by a scented mist”, these fragrances hide a dark secret inside them. They are;

  • Celtic Rose
  • Luminous Orchid
  • Blazing Lily
  • Everlasting Dream
  • Sacred Osmanthus
Alexander Mcqueen Eight Scent Collection 2018 new perfumes

On the other side, there are three classically masculine and sensual fragrances, the epitome of love and peace. They are;

  • Amber Garden
  • Vetiver Moss
  • Dark Papyrus

These perfumes tell you the classic tale of light and darkness, the story of good and evil, of mystic forces against forces of love, light, and understanding.

Shaped in the classic manner of Alexander McQueen, and subtly symbolizing the color of jewels, this perfume collection epitomizes luxury and grand living. Launching exclusively at Harrods for a month before releasing worldwide, the perfumes will take their spot among the most quintessentially redolent scents in the world, and rightfully so. Furthermore, their classic black and gold falcon design is back, this time on the outer packaging to remind you once again of its excellence. These perfumes will beckon you to buy them, love them, and be proud to own this revamped piece of history.