Beautiful Belle Estée Lauder

Beautiful Belle Estée Lauder

Beautiful Belle is a new “romantic floriental” fragrance by Estée Lauder, as a flanker to 1985’s quintessential scent, Beautiful. Nowadays, love is nothing short of a voyage. The fragrance traces the journey of modern day love through its sensual sparkling notes. As the campaign for Beautiful Belle says, “Love breaks all rules… Modern love is a journey: the first shy moments of attraction, the full-blown romance, the promise to commit forever.”

The top notes in this fragrance are resplendent with hints of lychee, rose petals, and mimosa. This sweet and sensual aroma fills the air “with the beginning of love.” It will remind you of your first love, the first time you had butterflies in your stomach.

In the middle, you have a wonderful and mesmerizing “floral bouquet of orange flower, gardenia, and tuberose.” This is significant to the romance of today, heady, passionate, strong, yet comfortable and welcoming. You get lost in the airiness of it all, yet you are grounded. There is excitement, but a hint of tranquility. A sense of home.

The bottom notes of this fragrance comprise of orris root, a blush suede accord, and ambrox. The notes are long lasting and pure, just like the last stage of romance. A love of purity and finality is promised to you, with an afternote of marzipan musk. Described as “sensual, with a hint of irreverence.” this heady mix signifies a love so strong, you cannot imagine your love without it. A love which is “Deep, Forever, Beautiful.”

Estée LauderBeautiful Belle Eau de Parfum new fragrance 2018