Calvin Klein Woman

Calvin Klein Woman new fragrance 2018 at REASTARS

In August 2018, Calvin Klein will launch its first perfume called Calvin Klein Women, launched by Raf Simons. The tagline, “I Am Women”, is advertised as ‘a tribute to the contrasts within feminity.’ The faces of this campaign are unusual, comprising of Oscar winning actresses and feminist icons Lupita Nyong’o and Saoirse Ronan, as well as their idols, including Eartha Kitt, Katharine Hepburn, Nina Simone, and Sissy Spacek.

The idea behind the campaign was that a woman is an individual, as well as part of something bigger as a collective. The struggles that a woman goes through everyday are a testimony to her strength, her character, her resolve. At the same time, the woman symbolises every other lady in the world, facing discrimination in various forms, just because of her gender. The perfume campaign seeks to promote the idea that as a woman, we may be facing different troubles in different forms of life, but as women, we all strive for independence, freedom, something bigger.

Top notes: eucalyptus, black pepper, citruses
Heart: orange blossom, magnolia, jasmine absolute
Base: cedar from Alaska, olibanum, ambrox

Calvin Klein Women new perfume 2018

Just like the women it represents, Calvin Klein Women is composed of a variety of unique ingredients. Individually, the flavours seem odd, and do not seem to gel well with each other. However, once infused, the perfume creates a beautiful, distinctive smell, infused with the scent of women who inspire it. The bottle with the light pink colour builds on three scents of eucalyptus acorns, black pepper, and citruses. At the heart of the bottle, you will find orange blossom, magnolia, and jasmine absolute. The base comprises of Alaskan cedar, ambrox, and olibanum. To top it up, the bottle is a quirky, asymmetrical design, with an oversized lid, symbolising the naivety, childlessness, and quirkiness that a woman never allows herself to let go of, no matter how difficult times may seem, or how harsh her life is at the moment.

Calvin Klein Women new beautiful fragrance
Calvin Klein Woman Eau de Parfum