Cartier Carat From The House Of Cartier

Cartier Carat From The House Of Cartier

The House of Cartier is known worldwide for exquisite diamond jewelry. However; one cannot put it past the creatives at Cartier to diversify and come up with a fragrance just as spellbinding as Cartier’s coveted diamonds. That’s just what you get from Cartier Carat – the new perfume from the House of Cartier. True to everything Cartier stands for; Cartier Carat is a fragrant interpretation of Cartier’s exquisite diamonds. Each fragrance of Cartier Carat is an explosion of freshness, flowers and pleasure best defined as crystalline fragrant fuel for the skin.

Floral Undertones and Colors Encapsulated in Cartier Carat

Cartier Carat is a combination of scents from 7 different flowers that amalgamate to form one exquisite and distinctive fragrance. Violet, indigo, blue and red are the colors encapsulated in this fragrance in the form of floral scents such as lilies, hyacinth, violets, ylang-ylang, honeysuckle, narcissus, and tulips.

Cartier Carat is all for launch in September of 2018. Aficionados of fine fragrances can expect a distinctive perfume from the House of Cartier; best described as diamonds in liquid form in 30, 50, and 100 ml vials.
In keeping with Cartier’s connection to diamonds; Cartier Carat comes in an art deco style crystal bottle which denotes pleasure, desire, and luxury in more ways than one.

Cartier Carat is all set to be a classic fragrance that withstands the test of time. It is after all; the creative genius of a brand that has only grown in stature since its inception many decades ago.