Diana Vreeland Staggeringly Beautiful

Diana Vreeland Staggeringly Beautiful new luxury fragrance
Diana Vreeland Staggeringly Beautiful Eau de Parfum

Diana Vreeland, grandson of Diana created ‘Diana Vreeland’ luxury brand in the city of New York. Through this collection, Vreeland conveys Diana’s world where fashion and luxury were prominent. Staggeringly Beautiful is the latest launch.

Perfume Composition
The perfume represents the earthy fig leaves, juicy fig fruits and the bitter sicilian bergamot. The fragrance is amazingly vibrant and portrays the clear waters and the cool breezes of the Mediterranean. This marvelous perfume has an aura that can seduce your senses to the core. The fragrance is also induced with Daffodil, the French flower, so you get to experience the floral characteristics too! The brain behind this perfume is Pascal Gaurin.
The elegant green bottle is compelling!
Staggeringly Beautiful comes in a simple yet bold looking bottle. The olive green colored bottle clearly portrays the composition. Available in 50 ml and 100 ml capacities, you can buy this on the official website of Diana Vreeland. Diana was known for strength and beauty, this bottle represents the same. The green glass and the black cap contrast make it look staggeringly beautiful, indeed!
Want to wear a luxury fragrance?
The aroma of Staggeringly Beautiful is simple irresistible. If you love nature and its fantastic odors, this sparkling and earthy perfume is for you! The citrus elements make it much more mesmerizing. This fig and floral scent is for those who love to be a part of nature or have a passion for strong and luxury fragrance. This aromatic perfume can be worn by both men and women.

Diana Vreeland Staggeringly Beautiful perfume