Faconnable Royal Eau De Parfum

Faconnable Royal Eau de Parfum

“Night is falling on the French Riveria… Chic and relaxed, moving about with a confident gait, he is preparing to go out. On the menu: casino, club, and a hike on the Croisette- nothing is too good for him! His only motto is pleasure! In one last move, he coats himself in his most beautiful seduction asset… his perfume, Royal!”.

The above note from the brand, Faconnable, perfectly encapsulates what the modern man strives for. He is free from all ties, caught up in the thrill of the chase, yet is elegant and poised at all times. He knows how to have fun, but he always makes sure that no one gets hurt in this pursuit.

Faconnable Royal Eau De Parfum

The composition is masculine, musky, explosive, sensual, and strong. The essence has intense marine notes, with the top notes of bergamot, lavender, litsea, and cubeba. The heart of this enticing essence comprises of nutmeg, geranium, and sea water. The base comprises of heady and intense aromas of Cedar, sandalwood, tomka, and musk. Creamy and balmy aromas come together in the perfect agglomeration, making a musky scent that describes exactly what the modern man today is. Elegant, sophisticated, a little maverick, but all together, the best human being you can be, who knows how to have fun, but can be mature and sophisticated when the time comes.

Top notes: bergamot, lavandin, litsea cubeba

Heart notes: marine accords, nutmeg, geranium from China

Base notes: moss, sandalwood, cedarwood, tonka bean

A symbol of Mediterranean excellence and a bottle that echoes an intense, modern theme, this fragrance encapsulates all the sensuality and masculinity that is present in all men.