Kim Kardashian West’s: Kimoji Series

Kim Kardashian West’s- Kimoji Series

Kim Kardashian West is riding high on her fame and widespread popularity as a fashion icon and in turn consumers are benefiting from luxury consumer goods such as her Kimoji line of fragrances.
Fun, Flirty and Fruity Fragrances
And there is even more good news for fine fragrance aficionados; Kim Kardashian West is all set to further the Kimoji series with 3 new fragrances.  The Kimoji series is unpretentious; it doesn’t claim to be anything it is not and these 3 new fragrances in the Kimoji series have a distinctive, fun, flirty, and fruity character.  The emphasis is on nectarine sweet scents and this is evident in all 3 fragrances in the latest Kimoji line of perfumes.

Kimoji Cherry
As the name suggests; Kimoji Cherry has the fresh and fruity appeal of sweet smelling cherries combined with raspberry scents, strawberries, cherry blossoms, gardenia, woods and musk, and vanilla.

Kimoji Peach
This fragrance has distinctive notes of luscious peaches, jasmine petals, fresh nectarine, sandalwood and musk to add intensity, peach blossoms, and creamy vanilla.

Kimoji Vibes
The last but definitely not the least in this series; Kimoji Vibes is rich with tones of watermelon, bergamot, juicy pineapple, apple blossom, peony petals, fresh jasmine, cedarwood, musk and amber.

The Kimoji series is available at www.kkkfragrances.com since July 2018 and it is great that these fragrances are finally available for purchase as fans have been anticipating their release since the success of the Kimoji Hearts fragrance in 2015.