Michael Kors Sparkling Blush

Michael Kors Sparkling Blush new fragrance

The modern woman is the epitome of everything that one should be: smart, sensual, carefree, sexy, and innocent. Bringing these aspects of her to the forefront, Michael Kors has come out with a new range of perfumes, celebrating womanhood as it should be. The Sparkling Blush is a continuation of the perfume line Sexy Ruby, which was started in 2017.

Inspired by the attraction and beauty of gemstones, the Sparkling Blush was inspired by you, the modern woman. You are a go-getter, who knows exactly how to achieve what you want. But in doing so, you never compromise on who you are. Just like a gemstone, you are made to withstand every hardship life throws at you, and you emerge from everything harder and stronger.

Top notes: bergamot, lichi, pear, pink pepper
Heart notes: jasmine, pink frangipani, lily, magnolia, rose
Base notes: amber, vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla

The top notes of this fruity, flowery perfume are comprised of bergamot, litchi, pear, and pink pepper. This vivacious and aromatic blend gives you the perfect introduction to the magic that the perfume has in store. Going down further, the middle notes of this olfactory sensation consist of jasmine, magnolia, pink frangipani, lily and rose. All these scents are predominantly feminine in nature, and combine together to give your senses the womanly feel that it deserves. The bottom notes are amber, vetiver, sandalwood and vanilla.

This twist in the end gives the scent a predominantly woody and spicy flavor, reminding you that you are not composed of just ‘sweet and nice.’ There is a ‘spice’ to you as well, which makes you, you.