Mugler Cologne Rainbow Collection

New Mugler Cologne Rainbow Collection at Reastars.com

The world famous Cologne by Mugler has reinvented itself, and has come out with a rage of perfume colognes consisting of five different colors, in the concentration of Eau de Toilette. The fragrance has been described as “fresh and intoxicating”, with “light citrus notes.” Both elegant and seductive, the cologne “balances the crisp sparkle of traditional men’s cologne with a white musk, making it freshly familiar, yet sensually unsettling and tenacious.”

Mix. Create. Play.
“Mugler is breaking the mold… inspired by a twist of ingredients that awaken infinite senses.” Staying true to their tagine of “Mix. Create. Play”, the Mugler Colognes come in five refillable bottles. The bottles are straight edged, which help you mix and match the colognes according to your mood. The varied smells of the colognes help you to create new fragrances each time you use them, living up to the brands tagine of “Mix. Create. Play.”

There are five fragrances vastly different from each other, which help you play with, and stimulate your senses. They are:

MUGLER Cologne Love You All Eau de Toilette

Mugler Cologne Love You All

The voluptuous fragrance mixes together a velvety blue licorice with sensational amber, twisted by the mysterious ‘E’ note. This forms a warm sensual trail and is magically intermingles with the freshness of citrus, transporting you to a world of ecstasy and abundance.

Mugler Cologne Take Me Out

This intense cologne combines the bright orange blossom, with the freshness of a shiso leaf. Twisted by the secret ‘P’ note, this luminous fragrance bathes you in its light. This energising fragrance seems to be out of the world, designed for those who want to stand out from the rest, and leave their mark in the world.

MUGLER Cologne Fly Away Eau de Toilette

Mugler Cologne Fly Away

Spurred on by the redolent grapefruit and the aromatic hemp, this dynamic musk enlivens your senses, sending them into hyper drive. Twisted by the secret ‘C’ note, the cologne reaches deep into your senses, leading you into a high effervescence.

MUGLER Cologne Run Free Eau de Toilette

Mugler Cologne Run Free

Purple Ginger and Akigalawood® come together to form an electrifying desire for freedom. Twisted by the secret ‘D’ note, this bold composition is for those, who yearn to explore the unknown.

Mugler Cologne Come Together

An intense cologne with green petitgrain and white musk, Come Together carries in its heart the original cologne of Mugler. Twisted by the secret ‘S’ note, this sybaritic scent explodes with a blast of pleasure all over your body.

The new Mugler collection, crafted after the original cologne, has many different variations of the same. In a way, the perfumers themselves have “played” with the original scent, thus giving the tagline. The colognes were made as a result of the desire to explore the unknown, to reach beyond their comfort zone, and attempt something that has not been done before. Keeping this in mind, the colognes are also fashioned for those who let go of their inhibition, come out of their mold and carve their own way, not knowing what lies ahead, and facing all the challenges with a smile ready to conquer, and a heart ready for obstacles.