Leather fragrances


As the name suggests, the olfactory leather family in perfume reminiscent of the smell of leather. It is composed of notes of tobacco, wood, leather and essentially serves as a base for male perfumes. Initially, the leather notes were designed with the leather scrap recovered from the Russian army boots manufacturing. The perfumers of Grasse infused and tanned them with burnt birch peel, which resulted in the characteristic scent of the leather note. Perfume creators have gradually replaced leather infusions with birch bark essence, which has become one of the raw materials needed to create leather-based perfumes. Animal raw materials gradually disappearing and trends evolving over time, the leather family gradually faded and became a facet. The new leather notes are more subtle and velvety.

Launched in 1927, Chanel’s mixed Russian leather perfume magnifies the scent of boots from the Russian imperial guard. Leather notes in the background are recognized with cade wood, incense, and tobacco. Her heart is made of notes of iris, jasmine, rose, and ylang-ylang. In top note, we find mandarin and bergamot. This woody and woody perfume recalls the enigma of Russian beauty and the warmth of the roaring years of Paris. Intense Leather from Pierre Cardin is a masculine perfume with a leathery scent. Created by Benoist Lapouza in 2009, fruity notes such as tangerine, grapefruit, and pineapple at the top of this fragrance refreshing pepper, oud and currant. The background is very different with musk, leather, amber, and birch. Our third selection of leather fragrance is an inspiration for perfume creation method from the Middle East. Released in 2011, Armani’s Black Leather is part of the brand’s “Armani Privé 1001 Nuits” fragrance line. In this line, Giorgio Armani created oriental scents based on oud wood, rose, and amber. This time, it is the turn of the leather to be worked. We find coriander and nutmeg in its top notes. Sandalwood and rose marry in his heart. The leather is in the background with vanilla, guaiac wood, oud wood and bejoin.

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