Roberto Cavalli Gemma Di Paradiso

Roberto Cavalli Gemma di Paradiso parfum reastars 2018

Robert Cavalli, the Italian perfume connoisseur, launched his flagship perfume range in February 2015, the Paradiso Collection, enrapturing the flowery, feminine, fun side of a woman on holiday. Throughout the years, Cavalli has introduced bolder, more intoxicating flavors in the Paradiso collection, the latest being Gemma Di Paradiso.

Roberto Cavalli Gemma di Paradiso fragrance 2018

Speaking about the fragrance, Cavalli said, “Paradiso is about a moment of happiness. I wanted to give a feeling of that instant when you feel totally at ease.”

The fragrance brings together the aromas of the Mediterranean, teasing your senses in a subtle yet mesmerizing manner. The design of the bottle has been inspired by diamonds, a woman’s best friend, combining both the faucets of a diamond, as well as coming in touch with your feminine side. Gemma Di Paradiso is a perfume completely different to what the original Paradiso was. It is a lovely, sweet, flowery, and fruity perfume. It end up with notes of an addictive vanilla, a flavor you cannot get enough of.

The newest fragrance in this collection, Gemma Di Paradiso conjures up in your mind the wealth of the most exquisite emerald, with its crisp, fruity flavors of green pears and mandarin oranges, with subtle yet mystifying flowery undertones of wild jasmine, vanilla essence, amber, and aromatic cedar.

Gemma Di Paradiso conjures up images of the Mediterranean beach, a relaxed mind, and a wandering heart. It stands testimony to the fact that a woman knows how to take care of herself and smell irresistible, yet knows how to have fun, and enjoy herself, without forgetting who she is, and what she stands for. This perfume is amazing for a woman like you, who, even for just an instant, wants to forget her life of responsibilities, and go, just for an instant, to the beaches of the Mediterranean, and remember who you really are.

Roberto Cavalli Gemma di Paradiso