The 3rd Instalment Of Gucci Bloom: Nettare Di Fiori

Gucci Bloom Nettare Di Fiori new perfume 2018 reastars
Nettare Di Fiori, the 3rd instalment in Gucci’s Bloom Collection of fragrances is all set to be available for purchase in August and September of 2018 and its fair to say that aficionados of fine fragrances are waiting with bated breath.
Gucci Bloom Nettare Di Fiori new perfume 2018

Nettare Di Fiori: Scents
Gucci’s Nettare Di Fiori comes with the promise of sensuous and mystic shades for that hint of mystery every woman loves to have about her. The fragrance is there, it is mesmerizing but cryptic. As compared to the 1st and 2nd instalments of the Bloom series; Nettare Di Fiori is expected to be woodier and more mystical with undertones of rose, Osmanthus, tuberose, Chinese honeysuckle or Rangoon Creeper.

Top notes: ginger, rose
Heart notes: Ragoon Creeper, tuberose, jasmine buds
Base notes: patchouli, musk, osmanthus

Nettare Di Fiori from Gucci will be available near you as 30 to 100 ml Eu De Parfum.

The Making of Nettare Di Fiori
Gucci’s Bloom series and Nettare Di Fiori which is the 3rd instalment of the Bloom series is the result of Gucci’s collaboration with world renowned perfumer; Alberto Morillas. Morillas introduced the Bloom series in 2017, the second instalment of the series was launched in Spring 2018 and now we can anticipate the arrival of Nettare Di Fiori to be released in August and September 2018.
Commenting on the conceptualization and creation of the Bloom series, Alberto Morillas said,

“A beautiful garden, a type of Eden. I started with this jasmine sambac from India, tuberose and musk. And Rangoon Creeper which adds richness to Gucci Bloom”

It is easy to see how Nettare Di Fiori is a fragrance worth waiting for.