New DSQUARED² Wood fragrance

New DSQUARED² Wood fragrance
In autumn, DSQUARED² fashion house announces two new fragrances for Her and for Him – DSQUARED² Wood. Two new fragrances define the modern man Dsquared2 – sensual and at the same time confident of himself and his personality. The title ingredient – wood – is hard, sturdy and consists of complex structures, just like the new Dsquared2 Wood fragrance! The hero of the fragrance is a young, living with his passion, good vibrations and impulse to what is new and innovative, focused and seeking what is authentic, full of depth, passion, sophisticated essence – like the latest fragrance – DSQUARED² Wood.
WOOD FOR HER Eau de Toilette Pour Femme is a contemporary composition, spontaneous and ultra-feminine. Wood, a new female fragrance created by Dsquared2, is made of tangerine from Sicily and raspberry leaves, expressing joy and liveliness, combined with the lily of the valley and magnolia, which add fresh, ethereal notes. The brew of osmanthus and jasmine, valuable and seductive ingredients, reveal intense femininity. Bright notes of white wood and cedar, as well as the depth of ambrox, mean perfumes of a unique character.
WOOD FOR HIM Eau de Toilette Pour Homme is a strong, characteristic and masculine fragrance. Wood, a new male fragrance created by Dsquared2, opens up the Mediterranean freshness of bergamot from Calabria, tangerine and lemon from Sicily, and is enriched with elegant, harsh ginger notes. Vivid shades of violet leaf and cardamom contrast with the clear ambroxu sensuality. Modern mix of white wood brings light to the deep, elegant nature of the vetiver.

A linear bottle, in burnished glass for men. It has a unique cap made of the highest quality ash which is created piece by piece, offering a level of craftsmanship that has almost disappeared. The cap also features a magnetic closure. The mixture of warm and cold materials meet without losing their own sensory qualities. Wood as a material lends an archaic flavour, powerful yet reassuring, while the brilliance and clarity of glass and aluminium, enhance the preciousness of the liquid inside. The exclusive crafting of the bottom allows the glass to spread into a curve, which creates a new element inside the bottle – a tear-drop shape – like another ampoule to hold the fragrance.

via: euroitalia.it