Aromatic fragrances

Aromatic olfactory perfume group fragrances

Perfumers use various ingredients of vegetable, animal and synthetic origin to design perfumes. They currently have a choice of around 1,500 raw materials. Each scent has its own scent that is classified in olfactory families among which the aromatic family, the wooded family, the fern family, among others. We will detail this time all that concerns the aromatic family. The perfumes designed based on aromatic family are more sober, the vegetable raw materials used come from France, contrary to the oriental perfumes, for example, which come from far away. It is an olfactory family that is generally used to make perfumes for men.

Even if the word “aromatic” rather evokes gastronomy and is recognized as therapeutic, herbs have also been used for a long time in perfumery. This olfactory origin for aromatic extraction is classified as lemony, menthol, camphor, aniseed and lavender. Also known as “agreste”, the aromatic family combines with fresh and tonic citrus notes or spicy more warm and impertinent. The olfactory alliances of the aromatic family are thyme, star anise, chamomile, tea, tarragon, mugwort, basil, labdanum-ciste, sage, lavender, marigold, rosemary, peppermint. In the nineteenth and twentieth century, Eau de Cologne was based on herbs, often lavender, which is an aromatic plant emblematic of the aromatic olfactory family. With their virile scent, the herbal fragrances of the aromatic olfactory family are suitable for people who have a taste for risk but enjoy fresh scents.

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