Angel Eau Croisière by Mugler

Eau de toilette Angel Eau Croisière Thierry Mugler new fragrance
When in 1992 he created the perfume Angel, Thierry Mugler wanted to create a composition that “can have a mutual resonance for everyone, something close to tenderness, childhood”. In this way, he came up with the idea of creating the essence of foodies. Today, the category of sweet perfumes is particularly widespread. But Angel was the first! The success was immediate and almost all women wanted to eat the juicy Thierry Mugler’s apple, presented in a star-shaped bottle. Now the story is repeated, and Thierry Mugler once again amazes our sense of smell. His last composition is a call to escape. Focus on the Angel Eau Croisière.
Angel Eau Croisière immediately shows his affiliation with the Thierry Mugler family and rediscovers the emblematic bottle of the brand. This unique fragrance is presented in the creator’s timeless star, a flacon that looks nothing like the atomizer of which has a futuristic silver look! On the other hand, if the silhouette of this star remains unchanged, Angel Eau Croisière chooses a completely new color. Pastel blue of the past disappeared in favor of much more vivid and festive nuances. Angel Eau Croisière is decorated with a sunny orange and a super pink rainbow! This new gradient speaks volumes about the philosophy of this new fragrance. Angel Eau Cruise invites you to enjoy the pleasures of life and to watch the world in the best light. These fragrances are presented to us in a blue striped box, referring to the uniforms worn by the crews of cruise ships. In the middle of this packaging is drawn porthole, which gives us a view of the sunset over the sea, and at the same time proudly displays the name of the new Angel Eau Croisière.

Angel Eau Croisière, an energizing cocktail

Inside this bottle hides a summer cocktail with an infinitely fruity aroma. Very sunny, this perfume is round and bright. Energetic at will, he invites us to enjoy every moment and enjoy the delicious sensations. To this end, it is divided into two different aspects. Angel Eau Cruise is initially similar to a fruity cocktail filled with vitamins. It combines the exoticism of mango with the freshness of grapefruit and the sour breath of blackcurrant sorcerin. Then, the more sensual one enters the stage. Patchouli strengthens the strength of the whole and gives it more character. The original Angel praline here emphasizes the whole palatability of this essence. The set is signed by the talented Sidonie Lancesseur and embodies a summer light and refined escape. So what are you waiting for to enter the new ship of Thierry Mugler?