Prada Candy Sugar Pop

Prada Candy Sugar Pop new perfume

Candy fragrance collection will expand with another sweet jewel – Prada Candy Sugar Pop Eau de Parfum. Candy Sugar Pop coming out in February 2018, following the original Prada Candy from 2011, Prada Candy L’Eau from 2013, Prada Candy Florale from 2014, Prada Candy Kiss from 2016 and Prada Candy Gloss from 2017.

Today, Candy Sugar Pop offers a new smell just as appetizing as the previous ones. Citrus fruits are dominated by the presence of bergamot. Red apple and white peach enhance the fruity and velvety appearance of this fragrance. Her femininity resurfaced with an enormous floral bouquet. Finally, Candy Sugar Pop is based on a softer base of vanilla and caramel.Prada Candy Sugar Pop perfume

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