Aura Mugler Eau de Parfum Sensuelle 2019

Aura Mugler Eau de Parfum Sensuelle
Whether you’re a cinema lover or not, you can not miss the premiere of James Cameron’s movie. So, inspired by the role of actress Zoe Saldana, Thierry Mugler imagined a perfume for a futuristic woman evolving in the shadow of the primeval forest. Aura is a fascinating perfume that appeared on the women’s perfumery shelves in 2017. Today, like every bestseller, it presents a new variation of fragrance – Aura Sensuelle. Thierry Mugler’s new fragrance reminds in many ways his predecessor, especially since he puts the plants in the center of everything. Thus, it also evokes the accents of the forest. Its very refreshing and green side is dominated for the first time, in its best notes, by the vines. Meanwhile, his heart is playing in contrasts. It combines the light femininity of gardenia with a more spicy and glowing force of cinnamon. Step by step, Aura Sensuelle gently touches the sandal tree. Musk closes the whole, revealing the animal sensuality of the woman Thierry Mugler.
Aura Sensuelle is also presented in a bottle, very inspired by the previous Aura. So its shape remains the same, though even more futuristic. Thierry Mugler decided here on the heart carved in glass and covered with many ribs. Before it was completely green, now it is covered with a thin iridescent pink curtain, which gives it a more pearly and delicate aspect. Aura Sensuelle immediately seems more romantic and delicate. The whole is absolutely captivating, protected by a silvery M, evoking on its part the name of its creator.
The new Aura Sensuelle does not forget the philosophy of his predecessor, but has a new aspect, more seductive and feminine than before. In other words, it is a fragrance that plunges us into the intimacy of a woman and reveals his deepest fantasies. Aura Sensuelle is an expression of primitive instinct. He invites the wearer to live according to his desires and satisfy his quest for authenticity. With him nothing seems more engaging than the singularity of each being. Aura Sensuelle is “uncontrollable magic that materializes the magnetism of perfumes”. Intriguing and fascinating, it combines a very natural side with another, more seductive and superficial aspect. At the same time, simple and complex, it offers an experience in itself and opens a new door to desire as a return to the strength of the original impulses.