Boucheron Fleurs Eau de Parfum

Boucheron: this name alone is enough to evoke the image of luxury and French refinement. Possessing a reputation and a longevity out of the ordinary, Boucheron sublimates the women of its finest adornments since 1858. What’s more, year after year, Boucheron has developed its know-how and expanded its skills, until reaching the world of perfumery in 1988. Today, it is precisely its very first fragrance that the brand has decided to put back in the spotlight. Boucheron becomes Boucheron Fleurs, for the greatest pleasure of women in search of a radiant and solar essence.
Boucheron Fleurs is a new perfume that owes its existence to perfumers Nathalie Gracia Cetto and Quentin Bisch. Both of them have created an infinitely luminous fragrance, like a huge bouquet of white flowers, whose raw materials have been rigorously selected. Infinitely modern, Boucheron Fleurs follows the same path as its predecessors, while displaying more transparency. He rushes on a stimulating and fruity blast of lemon and pear. This juicy and zesty start is then illuminated with orange blossom and frangipani. The fleshy petals of Boucheron Fleurs are enveloped in exoticism by the presence of vanilla. Liquorous and sweet, it incorporates a touch of sensuality in this fragrance. Finally, Boucheron Fleurs comes to an end with a more caramelized and gourmet base of benzoin.

Top notes:
lemon, mandarin, pear juice

Heart notes:
orange blossom, frangipani, petalia

Base notes:
vanilla, benzoin

The new Boucheron Fleurs is presented to us in a bottle originally developed in 1988 by Alain Boucheron himself. In the purest respect of the tradition of jewelry, it is similar to a curved and rounded jewel, perfectly matching the shape of the hand. Boucheron Fleurs is surmounted by a sapphire blue cap that evokes the entire world of jewelry. Golden gadroons fit on his collar and give the whole a more precious air. The glass flacon of Boucheron Fleurs has changed its original golden color for a now bluish juice. The whole lets filter the light with elegance and pleasure. Boucheron Fleurs is a fragrance that has all the elegance of a house bearing his name. From the arcades of the Palais Royal in 1858. To Place Vendôme in 1893, Frédéric Boucheron wrote one of the most beautiful stories about French luxury and seems to appear again from all sides in this new essence. In fact, Boucheron Fleurs is the fourth chapter of an infinitely valuable history. If Boucheron invited himself to the world of perfumes in 1988, his fragrance was enriched in 2004 in the Boucheron Freshness Floral edition, and then in 2006 in the version called Boucheron Blue Edition. Similarly, in 2004-2008 Boucheron developed summer limited editions, fresh water always emphasizes the freshness of citrus and brightness of flowers.