Miami Blossom – the new Escada fragrance

The Escada brand is associated with the world of luxury and is known all over the world for its clothing creations. In 1993, she created a fragrance called Chiffon Sorbet, the first fragrance from a long series. Since that day, Escada has been developing a new fragrance year after year, specially designed for the summer season. Each of them is always awaited by the fashionistas, and the latest in 2019 you can admire … The creation of Escada is called Miami Blossom and appears as a fruity cocktail, elegant and euphoric.

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Escada Celebrate Life

Escada Celebrate Life Eau de Parfum new fragrance for woman 2018

Escada’s Celebrate Now, launched in the previous year, and has come out with its first flanker of 2018, Celebrate Life. This new edition has launched to remind you to live in the moment, and take each stage of your life as it comes. This fruity and fresh fragrance is made for the woman who enjoys life, as well as motivates others around her to have fun as well, and not dwell on past misgivings.

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