Candy Night - the sensual and gourmand breath of Prada

Prada Candy Night Eau de Parfum 2019 fragrance
Prada is the perfect embodiment of Italian elegance and style. Nevertheless, let us not forget that the Mediterranean woman also has a strong temperament. That is why Prada often associates sophistication with wealth and luxury. Prada Candy from 2011 is a great example. It gave us “an unprecedented olfactory balance that combines ingredients of exceptional quality in excessive proportions. Pure pleasure wrapped in impulsive charm.” From now on Prada Candy is changing again and gives us a new, more sensual image of femininity. Focus on the last Candy Night of Prada.

Candy Night - a new and more seductive woman in the Prada saga

Prada Candy Night is in the same sweet gourmet group as its predecessors, introducing a more enigmatic and mysterious aspect. It begins with a fruity and sparkling aroma of oranges. This citrus aroma gives a powerful dynamic. Then the whole sweet taste of Candy Night explodes in her heart. Prada will dare to boldly combine chocolate and caramel. With such a duo Prada Candy Night promises to ignite all our senses. Fully rooted in the sweet trends of today’s perfumery, these perfumes retain their original form. Its euphoric energy gradually relaxes, and its base becomes more clean and airy. Candy night finally ends with a beneficial rug of white musk. Candy Night is halfway between the pre-game and seduction. It reveals a new aspect of Prada’s femininity, as exaggerated and passionate as its predecessors, but more enigmatic. Candy Night pushes the limits of desire to the maximum and invites every woman to experience moments of passion completely new and unexpected.

Candy Night - a delicious feast in an Art Deco bottle

In terms of design, Prada Candy Night redefines the style of its predecessor. Its very original form remains unchanged and fully records Candy Night in the continuity of previous Prada Candy. His bottle is a kind of slender glass column topped with a pump-shaped crescent. As before, the latter is covered with a glossy black shade. Rising on the gold collar, it gives an amazing and sophisticated final effect to the whole image. Her bright orange color from the past, however, disappeared. Today, it gives way to the gradient changing from pink to black. The name Prada appears on an infinitely refined black leather ribbon. The set is located in a chic and elegant cardboard box, dressed in pink and black, very contrasted, and decorated with subtle golden details.
The new Prada Night perfumes are for all women who like to emphasize their seductive nature. With the new fragrance of Prada Candy Night, it’s impossible to remain unnoticed! With it, the woman’s duality is fully expressed, and Candy Night leaves here a strong contradiction between her overflowing energy and addictive sweetness. Prada Candy Night is an instant attractive fragrance, both colorful and unpredictable. He takes us with him into the whirl of a hot romance and leaves a burst of flavors in his memory. Excessive and passionate, it is pure pleasure, leaving a lasting impression. It’s an invitation to a bold life!