Eau de Givenchy in a new reinterpretation

Givenchy - Eau de Givenchy 2018 new perfume

The return of Eau de Givenchy in a new edition 2018.

When a fragrance is elegant, it can easily be passed on from generation to generation. Thus, while some perfumes last only one season and are only a fad, others have a much more impressive longevity. There are perfumes that are considered as great classics of perfumery. They made their appearance decades ago and still have the wind in their sails. As if to celebrate this homecoming, the Givenchy house decided to make, a few years ago, an assortment of perfumes named the Collection of Mythical fragrances. A newcomer is also preparing to join him by May 2018. Welcome to the new version of Eau de Givenchy!

The Mythical Perfume Collection, a tribute to the Givenchy history

In 2007, to celebrate its 50 years of history, Givenchy fragrances have decided to highlight the smells of the most beautiful species of the brand. The idea was to make an assortment of 10 historical perfumes, each in their own way. This is how the Mythical Fragrance Collection was launched. Five of them were still distributed and have been modernized. The other five had been completely removed from the catalog Givenchy and it was then to make them rediscover the public. Year after year, this collection has grown steadily. Today, it is enriched by a new essence called Eau de Givenchy.

Givenchy - Eau de Givenchy 2018
Givenchy - Eau de Givenchy 2018


Top notes: bergamot, lemon, mandarin, petitgrain, orange.
Heart notes: neroli, orange blossom, green notes, hedione, bitter almond.
Base notes: cedar, vetiver, white musk.

Eau de Givenchy perfume is synonymous with gaiety and joy of life

Eau de Givenchy is a perfume that was created in 1980 and was still marketed until 2002. Today, its inspiration has remained the same but its composition has been slightly modulated. The Eau de Givenchy thus displays more modernity but remains an essence that “evokes cheerfulness, joie de vivre and youth”. Eau de Givenchy stands out from other fresh and lemony waters with exemplary tenacity. This perfume is feminine, airy, tender and charming. It is intended for all the sparkling women who live the daily life with enthusiasm and optimism. Eau de Givenchy may well become your indispensable ally for sunny days!

New perfume Eau De Givenchy 2018 at reastars
New perfume Eau De Givenchy 2018

New Eau de Givenchy 2018 offers a fresh breath of summer

To modernize its famous Eau de Givenchy, Givenchy has collaborated with perfumer François Demachy. The latter chose to work mainly around the scent of citrus, while accompanying other raw materials in the background. Eau de Givenchy 2018 begins with a combination of bergamot, mandarin, lemon and orange. Her heart becomes more floral and feminine. It combines orange blossom and neroli for a very Mediterranean result. The hedione adds an additional floral and jasmine scent. Almond sweetens everything. Finally, Eau de Givenchy 2018 ends with a trio of white musk, vetiver and cedar.