Karl Lagerfeld Les Parfums Matières

Fleur de Pêcher et Bois de VétiverLes parfums matières

In 2014 the first scent duo by Karl Lagerfeld was launched and now a completely new chapter with the new scent duo Karl Lagerfeld Les Parfum Matiéres Fleur de Pecher and Bois de Vétiver (For Her and For Him) will be opened.

The new fragrances interpret two essential fragrance nuances of Haute Parfumerie in a new context: one experiences the feminine softness of velvety-soft peach blossoms and discovers completely new Vetiver-wood, whose roughness reminds the structure of leather.

Fleur De Pêcher karl lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld Fleur de Pecher for Her is a fruity-floral Eau de Parfum, which surrounds the skin with an elegant aura – sophisticated, classic yet modern. The perfume was created by perfumeur Emilie Coppermann. The fragrance is in the perfect balance of freshness and naturalness. The heart note is to be expressed with the powdery lightness of a peach-colored silk scarf slipping over the skin. For this, tender peach blossoms and light jasmine tea impressions were used. Then it becomes fruity: Nashi pear and Yuzu! The result is a soft, delicate scent of cotton, light woods and silky musk nuances.


Top notes: Nashi pear, yuzu
Heart notes: peach flower, jasmine tea
Base notes: musk, woody notes

Bois de Vétiver karl lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld Bois de Vétiver for Him is woody, fresh eau de toilette of the parfumeur Christophe Raynaud celebrates with a multi-faceted variety of Vetiver with a multi-faceted composition. Powerful, subtle but warm and cool at the same time – a masculine fragrance through and through! Pink grapefruit and blood orange in the head note, combined with aromatic mint. The vetiver heart note is clothed with a touch of geranium and a subtle appeal of rose nuances. Ambrox and patchouli contrast the elegance of the vetiver contrast. A little musk caresses the soothing scent.

Top notes: pink grapefruit, red orange, mint
Heart notes: vetiver, geranium, rose
Base notes: patchouli, musk, ambroxan, woods


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