New Azzaro Wanted Girl Eau de Parfum

In 2016, the Azzaro house entered a new olfactory era, creating perfumes for men based on the uncontrollable personality of the creator: Lorisa Azzaro. Named WANTED, this fragrance is for anyone who loves to live life at both ends, even if it means trying to achieve the impossible. This time, this new composition is addressed to women. Just as uncontrollable as its male counterpart Wanted Girl is a perfume full of passion and momentum!
Wanted Girl is a perfume perfectly in line with the philosophy of the Azzaro home. Sublimates the femininity of radiant and radiant brightness, making the woman who wears this fragrance be the center of attention. It has a part of the undeniable heritage of this typical Mediterranean brand, associated with deep modernity. WANTED GIRL is considered a fiery and untamed beauty whose charm radiates impertinence. Her femininity explodes in the eyes of everyone, especially thanks to music, sensual Giorgia Fowler, accompanied by Nikolai Danielsen. They both form a duet here with unquestionable complicity. Exhibited in the Mediterranean scenery, they play a strong and warlike couple inspiring admiration.
Azzaro Wanted Girl owes its existence to four perfumers: Loc Dong, Jean Christophe Herault, Dominique Ropion and Fanny Bal. Everyone here brought their personal charm, creating an explosive, floral and tempting juice. Wanted girl Azzaro, proclaiming “Bella Vita”, is like a thoughtful, three-dimensional, greedy, explosive and tempting flower. The wanted girl begins with fresh pomegranate associated with the flower of ginger, more aphrodisiac. The orange flower, for its part, illuminates all its healthy breath, while the flower of the datura covers the whole with a more sulky delight. The tasty scent of dulce de leche invites you to his heart, making it more turbid and dairy. With Wanted Girl, everything is a pleasure, strength and vibration. This essence finally acquires intensity in contact with Haiti vetiver, vanilla and tonka bean.
If Wanted was presented in a barrel-shaped bottle, this time Wanted Girl is like a flower with a trigger. Just press the trigger to evoke all its taste, a very original idea! Behind this ingenuity is a real gold work. WANTED GIRL seems to grab a blooming flower in a glass. A mixture of glass and metal, the Wanted Girl bottle seems to detach, revealing many aspects of the female personality in a spectacular and generous release. Azzaro signals a real technical feat with a new bottle!