New fragrance Alien Man Fusion by Mugler

Mugler Alien Man Fusion new fragrance 2019
In 2019, Thierry Mugler invites us to rediscover his collection of Alien fragrances. The origins of this essence take us back to 2005, year of creation of the second great feminine fragrance of the brand. Alien was quickly seen as a kind of kind goddess with a sunny aura. Later he won the hearts of women in a short time, immediately becoming one of the best-selling perfumes in the world. And yet it was a long time before his male counterpart appeared. Alien Man was finally developed in 2018 to re-revive today in a completely new form. Let’s focus on the latest Alien Men Fusion.

Alien Fusion for men, a new blue talisman

Alien Man is presented for the first time in a cardboard box dominated by two colors. Its front is completely white, which suggests a certain purity. On the other hand, its sides are covered with blue electrolyte, as well as its name. Alien Men is therefore more explosive and fiery. This character set suggests a male aroma with multiple faces. Inside, the Alien Men Fusion bottle is even more lively. Taking the figure of his predecessor, he now adorns a new blue color, even more alive than before. His impressive form speaks volumes about his masculinity. Meanwhile, his geometry is absolutely perfect. Sculpted like a diamond, Alien Men Fusion resembles the aesthetics of the first Alien, even if it seems less fuzzy and more refined. The golden claws are not present and have been replaced by a silver edge that serves as a vaporizer. With this bottle, one thing is certain: Alien Men Fusion is designed for a sexy man who likes to be noticed!
New fragrance for Men Mugler Alien Man Fusion

Top notes: ginger, cinnamon
Heart notes: osmanthus, leather
Base notes: green coffee, smoked beech

Alien Man Fusion becomes more sensual than ever

At the sole olfactory level, Alien Man Fusion is both powerful and intriguing. Alien Men does not leave the chosen course and immediately announces his seductive side with a duet of ginger and cinnamon. This aphrodisiac ingredient is joined by the breath of osmanthus, famous for its slightly apricot appearance. Leather still gives the aroma more wildness, playing clearly in a more sensual register. Smoked beech completes the masculinity of its recipe, and a bit of green coffee gives a touch of passion in the Alien Man Fusion base. Alien Men Fusion is both strong and fascinating. In the same spirit as his female counterpart, he is a hero, half-god half-god, in search of a new light. Magnetic to the will, it combines strength and fullness and becomes more fascinating. Day after day, he lives in a man who moves him with new energy, with this insatiable desire to discover infinite horizons.