Nina Ricci Les Sorbets collection - Nina, Luna & Bella

As the name suggests, Nina Ricci Les Sorbets Collection is inspired by delicious Italian ice cream. Nina Ricci offers a pure moment of pleasure, zero calories! With such goods, you can not go wrong, depriving yourself of such a delicacy … The Sorbets of Luna is a tribute to the famous brand Amorino. “Created by two childhood friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi, Amorino was born in 2000: the quality of ingredients, the focus on organic products, respect for tradition and Italian know-how are values that are at the center of his philosophy. Today is the whole irresistible temptation hidden in Nina’s Sorbets.

Les Sorbets de Nina

Nina’s sorbets restore the taste of Nina’s previous perfumes, giving it extra freshness. So delicious caramel notes invite you in his recipe. Like the first Nina, Les Sorbets de Nina is the work of a talented perfumer Olivier Crespa. This fragrance is based mainly on a vivid and fruity experience. In this way, it miraculously blends with the hot summer days. It combines lemons, raspberries, mandarins and satsumas, citrus of Japanese origin, whose smell is close to the taste of clementine. Then Sorceress Nina let her whole woman talk in the heart of jasmine and gardenia. In the end, it leaves the background of a praline, which already promises to make all gourmands happy!
Top notes: lemon, raspberry, satsuma mandarin
Heart notes: gardenia, jasmine
Base notes: praline

Les Sorbets de Nina fragrance 2019

Les Sorbets de Bella

Les Sorbets de Bella is a new fragrance that owes its existence to the talented perfumer Soni Constant. Designed for hot summer days, it introduces an infinitely refreshing scent to liven up your heart. Nina Ricci presents her as “a striking, sparkling and frozen cocktail”. Sorbets from Bella first rush to the fresh, citrus scent of citrus. A mix of grapefruit and green mandarin. Rhubarb and pomegranate added to the whole gives the aroma a more sparkling and tart flavor. Then, as if to emphasize his sweetness and femininity, his heart was enriched with rose jelly. Meanwhile, the violet gives it a slightly powdery aftertaste. Since then Sorbets Belli contain an unusual ingredient originating directly from Asia: shiso. This aromatic plant is very popular in Japanese cuisine. Here it displays all your spicy and herbaceous flavors. Shiso immediately gives the immaculate character to Bella’s sorbets. What’s more, the essence of this essence is strengthened by the presence of wood notes at its base.
Top notes: green mandarin, grapefruit, rhubarb,
Heart notes: rose jelly, shiso, violet
Base notes: woody notes

Les Sorbets de Bella Nina Ricci

Les Sorbets de Luna

Les Sorbets de Luna from Nina Ricci is an infinitely refreshing fragrance. Designed by Fabrice Pellegrin, it is similar to a granite pear. Therefore, it aims to provide you with intense and juicy freshness in the heart of summer. For this purpose, the combination of bergamot and pear nashi was used for the first time. From Asia, this fruit exudes a note of exotics associated with delicious taste. Then Les Sorbets de Luna allowed her entire woman to speak in a trio of flowers. His heart is like a huge bodily and generous bouquet. A combination of peony, jasmine and gardenia. Finally, Les Sorbets de Luna is based on a milk cedar and a more sensual and animal touch. Step by step, Luna’s Sorbets are heating up to become infinitely seductive.
Top notes: nashi pear, bergamot
Heart notes: peony, jasmine, gardenia
Base notes: cedar, musk

Les Sorbets de Luna Nina Ricci 2019