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The French perfumers society developed a first olfactory classification in 1984. In 1990, a second classification was added to the first with the addition of woody and hesperidin olfactory families as well as sub-families. Among all his families, numbering seven, the flower is probably the most important. It includes all the perfumes whose main theme is flower. The perfume creators have, thanks to this olfactory family, made unforgettable creations. We love the floral perfumes for her naturalness and feminine. It is no coincidence that flowers are women’s favorite gifts. There is not a woman who does not like to receive flowers … The advantage with “the flowers”, as they are called, is that they have many varieties of floral scents. Some fragrances are soliflores, thus orchestrated with only one flower, while others are orchestrated with a whole bouquet of flowers. Perfume creators regularly use flowers such as jasmine, rose, violet, lily of the valley, lilac, iris, orchid or narcissus. The natural and fresh harmony of flowers is the essence of Romanticism. Florals offer olfactory strolls of unparalleled romanticism … That’s why floral perfumes are very popular with women, no matter how different, and whatever their age! Among the most famous floral perfumes, we think of “Anaïs Anaïs“, of Cacharel, where the bouquet includes rose, ylang-ylang, lily of the valley, lily, hyacinth, honeysuckle. With flowers, can be married many fragrances. Thus, one discovers flower-aldehyde perfumes, where the floral bouquet is prolonged by powdery notes or by metallic animal notes, like the very famous perfume “Chanel N ° 5“. A flowery-woody fragrance usually highlights a flower, such as jasmine, rose, iris, with woody and vanilla notes. A flowery-fruity fragrance will bring a sweet blend of flowers and fruity notes such as apple, apricot, plum, raspberry, pear … In this association, we think of the perfume “j’adore” by Christian Dior, who just loves flowers. Here, violet, rose, orchid and champaca are very subtly associated with vanilla and blackberry. A floral / marine perfume will bring an oceanic touch to the flowers like a light sea breeze. The flower / green combination is very often used in perfumery, because we add to the flowers a “green” side, lively, reminiscent of grass freshly cut. A floral-musky perfume will bring out the musk from the first seconds and bring to the flowers, a little woody side … In other words that we can marry the flowers to almost all the existing scents! We understand better why the olfactory family of flowers is the most important in perfumery. It not only reflects femininity, but mainly it allows each woman to find his touch of romance. Widely used, and for a long time in perfumery, floral blend elegantly with many other fragrances. That’s why all designers like to use them, because with flowers, their creations have no end …

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