Spicebomb Night Vision for men by Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf SpiceBomb Night Vision new fragrance
In 2005, Viktor and Rolf entered the world of perfumes, creating a Flowerbomb, a kind of bomb filled with flowers. Then, in 2012, “after creating the most explosive female fragrance, men experienced a trace of jealousy.” That’s how Spicebomb perfumes were born. Efficiently functioning, this fragrance quickly became the bestseller of Viktor and Rolf. Even today, he discovers himself and takes us this time to a more nocturnal world. In conclusion, Spicebomb Night Vision intends to raise the temperature!
As before, Spicebomb Night Vision appears in a bottle with a grenade. His amazing bottle is a kind of unique and sophisticated seductive weapon that is accompanied by an artistic touch in perfect harmony with the style of Viktor & Rolf. The clarity of the previous Spicebomb disappeared in favor of the magnetic green gradient towards the darker summit. Undoubtedly the night really took over Night Vision Spicebomb! To hold all the tension in this bottle, there is a black band inside.
Spicebomb Night Vision for men by Viktor & Rolf new fragrance 2019
After removing the pin, Spicebomb Night Vision displays an intense and highly contrasting taste. Designed by Nathalie Lorson and Pierre Negrin, this fragrance is based on contrasts and combines the freshness of plants with warmer and more explosive spices. Night Vision Spicebomb amplifies the original Spicebomb message and the innate power of seduction, focusing on the dark, mysterious nuances. His composition begins with a fruity-spicy mixture of cardamom, mandarin, grapefruit and granny’s apples. Meanwhile, his heart is going in a different direction. It is seasoned with pepper, pepper, cloves and nutmeg. Geranium and sage give it all elegance. Finally, Spicebomb Night Vision gains softness at the base and ends with the delicacy of tonka beans and grilled almonds, additionally reinforced with woody notes. On the occasion of this new fragrance publication, Viktor & Rolf also offers new muse services. Indeed, the brand has set itself Jacob Whitesides’ goal to take on the image of his new perfumes. “The man we associate with Spicebomb Night Vision is brave, he wants to be noticed and desired, Jacob’s raw energy has made him a natural partner of this fragrance.” Meanwhile, the singer is delighted with this cooperation: “I am happy to announce that I am the new face of Spicebomb! Incredible things coming soon. “

Top notes: green cardamom, green mandarin, grapefruit, Granny Smith apple
Heart notes: black chili, black pepper, clove, nutmeg, sage, geranium
Base notes: roasted almonds, tonka bean absolute, woody notes

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision
Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision