The fragrance of a journey Paris-Venis with Chanel

CHANEL Paris-Venice new fragrance 2018

Gabrielle Chanel was an exceptional person who revolutionized the vision of women in France, while changing the look of their wardrobe. Today, although the designer has left us, it still seems to be here. Her aura and natural charisma are revealed in many creations. The latest is called Paris-Venice. It is a perfume designed by Chanel, paying tribute to the City of the Doges, one of the favorite places of Coco Chanel.

Venice and Gabrielle Chanel, a long love story

A real woman of the world, free and independent, Gabrielle Chanel loved to travel. So she put her bags in the heart of Venice several times. She saw it as a way to relax between the creations. What’s more, she was fascinated by the artistic soul of this place. Byzantine culture very present in Venice in this case deeply marked its style. It is natural, therefore, that Chanel decided to pay homage to this place in the new perfume called Chanel Paris-Venice.

CHANEL Paris-Venise new perfume 2018

The soothing scent of Paris-Venice

Paris-Venice is not a typical baroque perfume. It rather reflects the appeasement experienced by Gabrielle Chanel when she went to this magical city. Thus, vanilla and tonka bean give it an intense sensation of sweetness and voluptuousness. Neroli, on the other hand, has a solar and typically Mediterranean scent.
Top notes: orange, bergamot, lemon, petit grain, pink pepper
Heart notes: neroli, iris, rose, geranium, ylang-ylang
Base notes: benzoin, orris, tonka, vanilla, violet, white musk.
Paris-Venice is a tribute to both the city of Venice and Gabrielle Chanel’s independent and traveller spirit. This new fragrance is presented in a sober bottle, simply decorated with a white label on its front and surmounted by a black cylindrical plug emblematic of Chanel’s essences.

CHANEL Paris-Venise eau de toilette

Eau de toilette Paris – Biarritz Chanel

CHANEL Paris - Biarritz new eau de toilette 2018

Chanel takes us to a Paris – Biarritz. Gabrielle Chanel was a extraordinary woman. Moreover, it took a lot of audacity and determination to build such a luxury empire at that time! Today, her life fascinates and has inspired many creations. The latest is called Paris-Biarritz. This perfume was born in the heart of the Chanel workshops and is a nod to the brand’s first couture boutique, located in the center of Biarritz. So, how about coming with us to discover this legacy?

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Chanel Paris-Deauville – solar fragrance with Mediterranean spirit​

Paris-Deauville - new solar fragrance with Mediterranean spirit

Gabrielle Chanel was a fascinating woman. She is considered one of the most iconic characters of the last century and has literally revolutionized the vision of women in our country. It is a symbol of emancipation to which the brand bearing its name continues to pay homage. Once again, Chanel dazzles us with the creation of a brand new perfume line of three Eau de Toilette that will be available exclusively at Chanel boutiques and the Chanel website from June 2018.

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