Trésor en Or Eau de Parfum Edition Limitée 2019 by Lancôme

Trésor en Or Eau de Parfum Edition Limitée 2019 by Lancôme at reastars
In the late 1980s Lancôme wanted to re-connect with his prestigious past as a wonderful French perfume house. To return to its luxurious heritage, the brand decided to extract a forgotten perfume called Trésor and was initially launched in 1952. From that moment on, the Trésor perfumes become famous and invent themselves from year to year. Even today, it returns in a more luxurious and luminous version, which is called Trésor en Or.
Trésor, originally created by Sophia Grojsman, is today transformed into the hands of expert Dominique Ropion to become Trésor en Or. What’s more, Trésor en Or is basically focused around a generous bouquet of flowers. The Turkish rose, the focal point of the entire Trésor collection, is always in the game. Meanwhile, jasmine also enriches its entire brightness and richness. For greater delicacy, Trésor en Or begins with a peach explosion, both fruity and tasty. Meanwhile, its base is more animal-like. Trésor en Or contains the skin and now enriched with ambrette oil and musk. The new Trésor en Or becomes more addictive!
Trésor en Or Eau de Parfum Edition Limitée 2019 by Lancôme
Trésor en Or is the perfect embodiment of today’s femininity. It is both airy and delicate, materializing in this sense all the natural sweetness of women. He is also seductive and plays in the realm of sensuality. Very sophisticated, it fits perfectly with the philosophy of Lancôme and, in general, the world of luxury. Trésor en Or retains the entire legacy of the elders, while adding a new breath, transparent and feminine.
The new Lancôme bottle did not want to completely change the look of their perfumes. Thus, Trésor en Or proudly marks its affiliation with the Lancôme family. The timeless bottle has been the same since 1990. Its inverted pyramid shape, unlike the appearance, does not originate in Egypt. In fact, the top of this bottle is similar to the place Vendome viewed from the sky. It must be said that this place has always attracted the creator of the brand. In addition, the name Lancôme comes from the connection of Lancosme Castle in Indre and Place Vendome. The only novelty: Trésor en Or is now adorned with a new golden glow. “The cult bottle with the treasure is now covered with golden varnish, which illuminates the scent. These golden reflections mimic the sunrise, illuminating the Parisian horizon.