A new Pure XS perfume for women by Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne Pure XS For Her new fragrance 2018 at reastars.com
Pure XS For women version is a provocative fragrance that is definitely not created to remain unnoticed. With him everything is a secondary issue. The perfect realization of your most unfulfilled fantasies, she claims to be sexual desire and without taboos. With him, eroticism is an everyday reality. Despite its indecency, Pure XS for women is still very elegant. Pure, as the name suggests, gives off a certain duality. With him, they become one and indecency. Eroticism and virtue intertwine to create a real magnetic shock. Pure XS For Her is a fragrance that is a synonym of excess, which exudes all of its femininity in floral and vanilla notes. Ylang-ylang is also part of this process and provides it with a more sunny part. Finally, to improve her immunity, Pure XS for Her also contains the intriguing flavor of popcorn-note explosion.
All that remained was to sublimate the whole thing with a splendid bottle. It’s done now! Pure XS For Her comes in a kind of luxurious amphora with transparent base and surmounted by an opaque black cabochon. Its round shape reminds almost that of an apple, while a golden snake wraps around his collar. The symbols of temptation are therefore omnipresent. The femininity of Pure XS For Her, for its part, is reflected in its pink color. Look no further, it seems simply impossible to resist the call of this new fragrance!
Paco Rabanne Pure XS For Her perfume

ylang ylang, jasmine, popcorn, vanilla, sandalwood, ambrette seed

Let’s start by getting acquainted with the new face of this perfume. On the occasion of this olfactic edition, Paco Rabanne brand decided to appeal to the seductive Emily Ratajkowski. It must be said that the young model of 26 years is one of the most fashionable characters at the moment. A pretty brunette continues to multiply advertising contracts and still displays Instagram over 16 million subscribers. In other words, grooming young consumers is a real boon. If Paco Rabanne bet Emily Ratajkowski, it is primarily for modernity, courage and unrestricted temperament, a picture that perfectly matches the philosophy of the new Pure XS For Her.