Aerin Éclat De Vert Perfume

Aerin Éclat de Vert Perfume new fragrances 2018

Inspired by the charming and idyllic coast of southern France, the new fragrance by Aerin Lauder, Éclat de Vert, brings to your mind a picture of the lush and shining greenery prevalent all around you, sparkling with the sun’s rays that penetrate through the scenery. The Éclat de Vert was launched along the lines of Hibiscus Palm from2017, and the Coral Palm, launched in 2018.

Aerin Lauder states that the perfume was inspired by her memories of visiting her grandmother’s place on the French coast. As she states, “the brilliant scent of Citrus, Galbanum, lush greens, and Magnolia remind me of light streaming through treetops and of the magnificent coast.” The perfume is inspired by her memories of growing up.

The sparkling sunlight is reflected in the sweet and refreshing essence, which has the top notes of a variety of citrusy smells, reminding you of a childhood you have left long behind. Bringing the stunning scenery into perspective, in the heart there is a redolent bouquet of magnolia and jasmine, reminiscent of the time when the world was yours to explore, and all the flowers were just for you to inhale. Bringing together this spectacular agglomeration of smells, sight, longing, and love, at the base, are the immersive and enticing notes of galbanum and lentisque absolute. The galbanum lends a green texture to what would otherwise be a cold, pasty, white perfume, and the mastic tree or lentisque absolute gives shape to the deep woody finish of this magnificent masterpiece.

NEW! Éclat de Vert Parfum
Aerin Éclat de Vert Perfume 2018 new fragrance