Alexander McQueen- McQueen Collection

Alexander Mcqueen Eight New Scent Collection

In 2003, master perfumer Alexander McQueen presented to the world his idea of luxury, opulence, and grandeur. Kingdom, made by Jacques Cavallier, was presented in a bottle which could be defined as a human heart, or an alien form. The spicy and seductive notes had captured the imagination of perfume lovers worldwide. However, it was discontinued, breaking the hearts of millions of souls worldwide.

The house of Alexander McQueen was relaunched in 2016, with the classic McQueen Parfum, instilling in every perfume lover once again the nostalgia of Kingdom. The bottle brought back Alexander McQueen’s trademark elements, such as lovely feathers around a mysterious bottle. After this, the House launched two more perfumes, the McQueen Eau de Parfum and the McQueen Eau Blanche, both loved and adored by fans worldwide.

The McQueen Collection

This year, the house of Alexander McQueen launched a collection of eight perfumes, composed by the artful Pierre Aulas. Each perfume in this serious has been carefully thought of, harnessing the and showcasing the power of nature in each bottle.

McQueen Collection CELTIC ROSE Eau de Parfum

Celtic Rose

The Celtic Rose has always been showcased as an ‘asymmetrical knot’, showcasing a feeling of protection and love. The scent of these freshly watered roses is bound to instil callowness in you, while the spicy, seductive, peppery thorns give you a feeling of empowerment.

McQueen Collection BLAZING LILY Eau de Parfum

Blazing Lily

This flower is symbolic for exuding self-confidence, passion, and lust. A floral yet spicy scent, this flower is not like others. An infusion of peppery red pimento, and a blast of gunpowder add yet another layer of fiery passion and sizzling temptation to the perfume.

McQueen Collection LUMINOUS ORCHID Eau de Parfum

Luminous Orchid

This oriental fuchsia orchid adds a sense of mystery and oriental magic to this redolent bouquet. This intoxicating fragrance exudes the notes of roasted sesame, and the bitter yet addictive smell of freshly ground coffee, wrapped in a sheen layer of the Tonka bean.

McQueen Collection AMBER GARDEN Eau de Parfum

Amber Garden

Coming away from the passion and the lust of the above fragrances, this scent connects to your soul. Bringing with it a sense of calm and serenity, cardamom, nutmeg, and cinnamon define the allure of this perfume, combining together to create a soft, warm scent.

Sacred Osmanthus

This smoky yet leathery floral fragrance has infused in itself the redolence of the Lapsang Souchong tea. Osmanthus petals make up main notes of this fragrance, making a pure and fresh statement. This exotic and lively fragrance is completed by sun kissed apricots, creating a perfume experience for you to remember.

McQueen Collection VETIVER MOSS Eau de Parfum

Vetiver Moss

The notes of this perfume remind you of the feeling of walking through windswept moors. A green woodsy chypre, this scent is made up of Orris Root, surrounded with verdant plants and shrubs. This scent is of nature, at its most untamed.

McQueen Collection DARK PAPYRUS Eau de Parfum

Dark Papyrus

Primarily consisting of the deep earthy scent of the Papyrus, this woody yet floral fragrances combines notes of blackcurrant with it, bringing back memories of ages gone past, instilling in you a vitality to start a new life.

Everlasting Dream

This woody aquatic fragrance provokes a feeling of love for the ocean. Ages have come and gone, but the ocean remains the same. It has untold stories buried deep in its heart. With blue petals tangled in driftwood and minerals of the sea, this scent reminds you that some things are, in fact, everlasting.