Armani Code A-List new fragrance

Armani Code A-List new perfume
Armani Code A-List

Armani Code A-List, the new Armani lavender freshness.It all started in 2004 with the creation of Armani Code perfume. This masculine and infinitely refined fragrance soon became one of the masculine olfactory references. Then, from year to year, he kept changing, becoming Armani Code Sport, Armani Code Ice, Armani Code Ultimate, Armani Code Turquoise, Armani Code Special Blend Armani Code Profumo or Armani Code Colonia. Today, it takes us into a typically masculine world and returns with a scent reminiscent of the famous after-shave range. Focus on Armani Code A-List, an limited edition version of 2018.

What is the man Armani?

The Armani man meets very strict rules and displays a natural class. The Armani man seems to master the art of elegance better than anyone else. He pays particular attention to every detail and reveals his masculinity in a very refined style, devoid of all superfluity. His natural charisma seems to be self-sufficient and distinguishes him. From then on, it only needed a perfume to perfect its natural charm. Its share of mystery and sensuality is now accentuated by the delicate smell of Armani Code A-List.

Lavender - star of the latest Armani Code A-List

On the purely olfactory level, Armani Code A-List is thought of as a tailor-made tuxedo. It is a concentration of elegance and sophistication. Its scent is reminiscent of the first after-shave Armani Code. Therefore, Armani Code A-List plunges us into an infinitely masculine world. He places lavender at the heart of his recipe. It must be said that this aromatic plant is very popular with men in general. Its fragrant breath evokes the smell of old barbers’ soaps. Here, lavender is accompanied by bergamot and mandarin. The result is a real concentrate of freshness.

Finally, Armani Code A-List ends with a smoky, masculine breath of guaiac wood. Everything is presented in an easily identifiable bottle. Its shape has remained totally unchanged since the creation of the very first Armani Code. Only novelty: his bluish black glass profile is this time belted with a red ring echoing his very seductive spirit.

Chris Pine, the embodiment of the man Armani Code A-List

As always, the new Armani Code A-List is embodied by the iconic American actor Chris Pine. Discovered in 2003 in A Princess Wedding, and then making the buzz by playing the iconic Captain Kirk, in the Star Trek movie saga in 2009, he finally became the muse of Armani in 2014. Here, he unveils us without doubt one of its most seductive facets.