Bella, the new perfume of Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci Bella new fragrance 2018

Nina Ricci has the power to move us into a magical and almost dreamlike world. Nina Ricci fragrances are like a call to escape and are full of romance. Among the most famous olfactory references to the mark, Nina is the favorite. Created in 2016, the perfume gave rise to the Nina Belles collection. Today, Nina Ricci decided to expand and present a new fragrance composition. Bella is in a new bottle of green apple and is already presented as the sexy essence of this fragrant mixture.

Les Belles de Nina Collection was created in 2006. At that time no one thought that it would become a collection of perfumes. It consisted of one fragrance named Nina. Designed for young women, this perfume was the epitome of innocence, tenderness and carelessness. Fresh and lusty, he drew us to a dream-like world and gently touched each of his breaths. Then you had to wait 10 years to get one of his successors. This was done thanks to Luna, the fragrance created in 2016 and materializing the evolution of the woman Nina Ricci. Retaining an absolutely feminine part of her oldest, Luna was more insubordinate and indomitable. She was then a symbol of a woman in full emancipation. Today, Nina Ricci pushes this creative axis even more. Bella reaches the climax of boldness, and this feminine essence is by far the most sexy of all of the collection. Nina Ricci Bella is a sexy rebel!

Bella by Nina Ricci new perfume 2018

Bella by Nina Ricci presents her vision of the modern princess through a romantic, floral, fruity and spicy trace. Freshness of Bella first vibrates in contact with green mandarin and rhubarb. This composition cares about femininity and romance with a bouquet of roses and freesia. Bella is finally based on an exotic, carnal base of vanilla. Finally, the perfumes end up with a more transparent transparency of white musk. On the aesthetic side Bella has three different sizes: 30, 50 and 80 ml. His belonging to the great family of Nina Belles immediately jumped into his eyes. Indeed, just like its predecessors, Bella’s perfumes are presented in a glass of apple. Its base is colored green, and topped with a few golden leaves, which constitute the stem of this fruit. The whole is absolutely magical, and on one of the leaves is also a small ladybird. With this image Bella seems to be more than ever straight from a fairy tale!