New Azzaro Wanted Girl Eau de parfum

In 2016, the Azzaro house entered a new olfactory era, creating perfumes for men based on the uncontrollable personality of the creator: Lorisa Azzaro. Named WANTED, this fragrance is for anyone who loves to live life at both ends, even if it means trying to achieve the impossible. This time, this new composition is addressed to women. Just as uncontrollable as its male counterpart Wanted Girl is a perfume full of passion and momentum!

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Azzaro Sensual Blends men’s fragrance collection

Azzaro Sensual Blends new men's fragrance collection

Loris Azzaro is a creator who draws inspiration from the heart of the Mediterranean in the blue waters of his childhood. If all these perfumes are in his likeness, seductive and elegant, his first perfumes are more beautiful, sensual. Released in 1978, Azzaro pour Homme is the perfume of modern men. Charming and immersive, the fragrance has passed through the ages without obstacles and still ranks among the best-selling male fragrances. In the face of this huge success, Azzaro has presented many Azzaro versions for men. Here he presents a luxury collection AZZARO Sensual Blends for men, in three different scented variations: Amber Fever, Hot Pepper and Naughty Leather.

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