New Perfume Tom Ford Beau de Jour

new fragrance Beau de Jour tom ford 2019

Tom Ford is a creator who is unlike any other and will stop at nothing to let his creativity speak. With him, whatever the trend, Tom Ford is distinguished above all by his love of beauty, luxurious raw materials and craftsmanship. His Private Blend collection is a perfect illustration of this philosophy. This time, at the end of 2018, Tom Ford has decided to address all the dandies of modern times. He offers them a distinguished but no less masculine fragrance. Focus on the latest novelty of the brand: Beau de Jour, a luxurious but unconventional perfume.

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Ombré Leather, the new leathery perfume from Tom Ford

New fragrance Tom Ford Ombre Leather

Today, perfumes are just as widespread in the women’s sector as in the men’s world. In this connection, the interweaving of these two worlds is becoming more and more popular to extract androgynous essences. Mixed perfumes are especially popular. They can share with their beloved, leaving a warm and seductive trace on the skin. In this context, Tom Ford decided to reveal a completely new unisex fragrance. Focus on Ombré Leather, the latest creation of the brand.

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