Inspired By New York City, Donna Karan’s DKNY Stories Is Out Now

Inspired By New York City, Donna Karan’s DKNY Stories Is Out Now

Those that are familiar with the perfume making excellence at Donna Karan often anticipate with bated breath; the arrival of a new scent from the world renowned perfume makers.
And we have good news for them! Donna Karan just launched its new scent in the summer of 2018 and it is aptly called “Stories”.

The scent is composed of Oriental floral, woody and fruity tones and the name “Stories” provides a much deeper insight into the inspirations behind the scent.
The perfume makers at Donna Karan have specifically customised this scent for working class, career minded, city-slicker women though one can bet their money on the fact that Donna Karan’s Stories will appeal to an even wider demographic.
The scent pays homage to New York City women, women on the move, go-getters and risk takers.

Donna Karan DKNY Stories new fragrance 2018 at reastars

The Exciting Fragrance That Makes Users Feel Awesome
The fragrant undertones in Stories extends beyond Oriental floral, woody and fruity; it opens with a hint of pink guava and exotic spices, moves on to jasmine, iris and tea accord and ends with sandalwood, amber and a hint of nectarine vanilla.

Top notes: pink pepper, pink guava mousse, black cardamom
Heart notes: sambac jasmine, white tea, black iris
Base notes: vanilla, white sandalwood, ambergris

While that seems like a lot; Stories is strong and confident yet never overwhelming. The emphasis here is on substance and wholesomeness.
One can predict that Stories isn’t a flash in the pan offering by Donna Karan. Like the inspiration behind the scent: strong women and New York City; Stories is in it for the long run and is all set to find a cult-like following among women who look for substance, confidence and quite strength in their perfumes.