Issey Miyake Nuit d’Issey Noir Argent

Issey Miyake Nuit d’Issey Noir Argent new fragrance

Nuit d’Issey is a perfume that was create in 2014, seduced the hearts of men with their very graphic appearance, woody and spicy smell and electrifying energy. Since the premiere, this fragrance is still being interpreted. In 2015, the edition of Austral Expeditions and Nuit d’Issey Parfum were created. Nuit d’Issey Bleu Astral in the meantime appeared in 2017. Continuing this impetus, Issey Miyake introduces us again with the novelty for 2018 – Nuit d’Issey Noir Argent.

Spicy expression Nuit d’Issey Noir Argent

Issey Miyake Nuit d’Issey Noir Argent​ is a fragrance full of temperament and contrasts. Its scent flies initially on confusing, warm and cold contrast. On the one hand, grapefruit gives off bitterness and freshness, heating with the help of nutmeg and pepper. Saffron further strengthens this spicy feeling while being more sophisticated. Incense makes this scent more mysterious. Nuit d’Issey Noir Argent gains sensuality in contact with the skin. In the end, masculinity takes over the forest and resin trace of patchouli, vetiver and myrrh.

With the new fragrance of Issey Miyake, we go deep into the dark night

Nuit d’Issey Noir Argent maintains a similar face as the first fragrance in the range. It is inspired by a very graphic and majestic nature. Nuit d’Issey Noir Argent is for all free and courageous men who are not afraid to unravel mysteries in the dark night. What’s more, this image emerges from the bottle. Nuit d’Issey Noir Argent is presented in a simple bottle that says a lot about the masculinity of this fragrance. Completely painted black, the bottle takes on an infinitely refined look, enriching itself with a very contemporary silver nuance.

Top notes: grapefruit, nutmeg, pepper, pink peppercorn
Heart notes: leather, frankincense, saffron
Base notes: natural gum, resinous elements, patchouli, vetiver, woody elements

Issey Miyake Nuit d’Issey Noir Argent