Lacoste L'Homme Lacoste Intense

Lacoste L'Homme Lacoste Intense new perfume 2018

From the house of Lacoste comes this new bottle, which subtly echoes the codes of the iconic brand. Lacoste L’Homme Lacoste Intense is created by the iconic brand, for the contemporary man. Lacoste L’Homme Lacoste Intense is available in an opaque dark blue bottle with a silver crocodile inspired by the tenacity of the Lacoste Crocodile.

The composition is woody-spicy, with a fresh opening of citrus and fruity aromas. The musk is heavily inspired by you, the epitome of the modern day man, someone who strives to achieve greatness in everything.

Encapsulating the perfect mix of elegance and grace, the spicy mixture has tones of rhubarb, quince, mandarin, and orange at the top. ginger, pepper, jasmine, and almond make up the heart, all the while being parallel to a slight yet strong woody note with vetiver and cedar as the main characters, alongside amber, musk, vanilla, and cyproil, presenting an intense and seductive composition, with elegance at its fore.

The inviting notes all together form a heady and mixture, which vivaciously showcase the life of the modern man. Living audaciously, the modern man knows his limits, and will strive to achieve all that is good and pure. He will not back down when a challenge arises, but will in fact fight it, and will overcome it, despite all odds. It is this tenacity and audacity that is showcased by Lacoste, a tribute to the grit and determination of René Lacoste that was displayed both on the court, and off it.