Lanvin Éclat de Nuit

Lanvin Eclat de Nuit fragrance

Whether in fashion or perfume, Lanvin has the gift of sublimating femininity. Among its most famous creations, Eclat d’Arpège perfume is a legend that does not go out of fashion and that is forever in the history of the most beautiful female species. In this vein, Lanvin has today again decided to bring back to light the radiance and natural radiance of women. Focus on his latest creation of 2018: Éclat de Nuit.

Eclat de Nuit, a sensual and magical fragrance

Eau de parfum Eclat de Nuit Lanvin
Where Eclat de Fleurs was a fresh, spring and spontaneous fragrance, Eclat de Nuit is darker and mysterious. It’s as if Lanvin’s woman suddenly grew up and abandoned her earlier carelessness in favor of more assertive charisma and more satisfying sensuality. Eclat de Nuit is for all women with a seductive temperament and who are aware of their strengths. However, it remains a very elegant and sophisticated fragrance. Flowers are always ubiquitous in their composition to emphasize femininity. The innocence of the past simply gave way to greater durability. The charming scent of Eclat de Fleurs is now charged with mystery. You can come and discover them . But what about the purely olfactory aspect of this composition? As before, Eclat de Nuit revolves around a flowery heart. In this way, he explores the level of femininity very much. It is also very bright, crisp and fresh, right from the beginning on the trio with lemon, blackcurrant and red apple. On the other hand, its basis is darker. It was she who materialized the whole mystery of the new creation of Lanvin, leaving behind a delicate fragrance of sensuality.

Top notes: lemon, black currant, red apple
Heart notes: Belle de Nuit, jasmine, orange blossom, freesia
Base notes: pralines, vanilla, sandalwood

An exceptional bottle by Lanvin

Finally, on the aesthetic side, Lanvin decided to give the place one of the most beautiful bottles. The real feat in glass production, represents the flower in full bloom. The roundness of this bottle resembles the famous globular bottle of the brand. The whole is carved so as to draw an infinity of petals. In fact, it is a nod to daughter Jeanne Lanvin: Marguerite. Like the bottle Eclat de Fleurs, Eclat de Nuit reveals to us just a pink color more dark and durable than before. His silver hood is topped with a diamond, under which two gold rings are interlaced. The bottle of the latest Lanvin fragrance is simply beautiful!