Les Infusions de Prada Mandarine

Prada Les Infusions de Mandarine

The largest perfume and luxury brands often have two subcategories of perfumes. On the one hand, these are completely individual fragrances, types of long-awaited hits. On the other hand, there are large collections of perfumes. Among the most emblematic assortments of our times, Prada Infusions is widely discussed from year to year. This perfume collection is on the verge of time. He emphasizes family know-how, associating it with modern creative techniques. Each of the scents that make up this collection presents one particular ingredient. This new fragrance is focused on citrus fruits with a new mandarin infusion.

Infusion of Mandarin, a sun-drenched scent

Les Infusions de Prada Mandarine is an unexpected perfume because it is the first eau fraiche in the range to enhance a citrus fruit. This fragrance has a timeless aura and evokes the explosive sensation of a fresh tangerine that has just been harvested and savored in the sun. To obtain such an olfactory power, Prada has mixed innovative extraction techniques with traditional art. The result is a very invigorating aroma, both vegetal and bitter. The latter is complemented by the presence of orange, neroli and opoponax, for a warmer and balsamic look.

Top notes: bitter orange, mandarin, mandarin leaf.
Heart notes: essence of neroli, orange blossom absolute.
Base notes: opoponax.

Les Infusions de Prada Mandarine new fragrance

The elegant and refined bottle of Prada

Like all the perfumes from the Prada Infusions collection, Les Infusions de Prada Mandarine is presented to us in a sober and refined bottle, which is almost impossible to give an age. What’s more, as if to make it even more timeless, it is decorated with the original coat of arms of Prada, created in 1913. The base of this container is now tinged with an orange color that evokes tangerine. This shade is subtly reflected in its hood for a sparkling visual effect and solar.