Météorites le Parfum, the new Guerlain fragrance 2018

Météorites le Parfum, the new Guerlain fragrance

Guerlain is one of the largest French cosmetics brands. She is also known for her perfumes, but also for her make-up department. A true pioneer, Guerlain is a brand that continues to innovate to revolutionize and improve women’s lives. In this context, the brand has developed a new type of powder called meteorites. Today, because it happens very often that two creative worlds of Guerlain are intertwined, Meteorites become perfumes. Focus on this very feminine perfume – Météorites le Parfum.

The Meteorites Perfume, an inspiration from a make-up powder

During a visit to the Guerlain cosmetics factory, Thierry Wasser decided to produce Météorites le Parfum. To this end, he was inspired by the scent of rice powders that women put on their face. This is where the delicate powder scent of this fragrance comes from. This limited edition is a real pleasure for the senses. He flies first on the fresh breath of bergamot, apple and green note. Then spring vitality is transmitted by very feminine heart of rose and violet. Woody nuances travel all the time and increase its depth and endurance. Finally, the Météorites le Parfum ends with a smoother and more comfortable scent of white musk.

Top notes: bergamot, apple, green notes
Heart notes: rose, violet
Base notes: white musk, woody notes

Guerlain Météorites Le Parfum 2018

Powdered and floral elixir enclosed in a round bottle

From now on, all that’s left is to put everything in a sumptuous bottle. Météorites le Parfum fragrance are in a round bottle similar to Guerlain’s Terracotta perfume. It is therefore a matter of repeating the shape of Guerlain’s compacts. What’s more, roundness is always a synonym of generosity and reveals very positive feelings here. The whole elegantly sublimated in a pink powder color, reflecting the make-up veil, which is deposited on the woman’s skin. Finally, in its center, Météorites le Parfum is decorated with a label with lots of colored balls. It is a tribute to the makeup powders of the traditional Météorites Guerlain.

Météorites Le Parfum by Guelain at reastars.com
Météorites Le Parfum by Guelain