New Fragrances On The High Street: H&M New Scents

New Fragrances On The High Street- H&M New Scents 2018

Hennes & Mauritz, better known as H&M is a multinational Swedish fashion company. Started in 1947, this company has found its way into malls in several countries for decades now. The brand has been able to make a huge impact on the market by collaborating with star designers. Since 2010, H&M has been continuously making efforts to rank high with perfumes. Now, H&M is coming up with a new fragrance collection developed by Olivier Pescheux and Nisrine Grillie. These fall into three unique groups.

‘The Scents’ is a collection comprising of ten individual notes, but centers around yuzu, pear, vanilla, gardenia, chocolate or lipstick.
‘The Essences’ is another collection that is comprised of Rose Absolute, Santalum, Les cayes Vetyver, Comore Ylang and Makassar Patchouli. The essences in these scents are of higher quality, this is what makes these scents unique.
‘The Reveries’, comprising of ten scents is inspired by definite feelings which are aimed to switch on to the wearer. Available as body sprays and eau de toilette, these aromatic scents make you feel fresh. This comprises of Freewheeling, Over the clouds, Flowerscope, Mirabilia, Formentera, Raconteuse, Way Past Midnight, Arboretum, Rue Cremeux and Sparks Will Fly.

Experience the new and pleasant scents from H&M. The fragrance range is quite extensive for you to choose your ‘type’. The new launches have made it a festival for those who love to try new notes. The mega-brand has given you the perfect opportunity! Now is the time to explore your mood!

H&M Beauty Fragrance Collection


  • H&M Comoro Ylang
  • H&M Les Cayes Vetyver
  • H&M Makassar Patchouli
  • H&M Rose Absolute
  • H&M Santalum


  •  H&M Above The Clouds
  • H&M Arboretum
  • H&M Flowerscape
  • H&M Formentera
  • H&M Freewheeling
  • H&M Mirabilia
  • H&M Raconteuse
  • H&M Rue Crémieux
  • H&M Sparks Will Fly
  • H&M Way Past Midnight


  • H&M Berries – Luscious pulp
  • H&M Choc – Melty goodness
  • H&M Garden – Sunlit dew
  • H&M Lipstick – A dash of colour
  • H&M Pear – Bursting with juice
  • H&M Petals – Fresh Flowers
  • H&M Sunray – Golden warmth
  • H&M T-Shirt – Classic cotton
  • H&M Vanilla – Creamy sweetness
  • Yuzu – Zesty fizziness