The Merchant Of Venice: Andalusian Soul

New perfume The Merchant Of Venice Andalusian Soul

The Merchant of Venice is back on the market, this time to allure your senses with a warm and soulful olfactory delight. Launched in late August 2018, this masterpiece is a tribute to the Muda di Barbaria and the everlasting redolence of the materials traded through this caravan route.

The Soul of Sunset

This heavenly and nostalgic scent brings you back to the olden days of Spain and Morocco, when the caravans would come to town, bringing with themselves an amazing array of spices. The smell of these savory delicacies would linger on for years in the minds of the people who used them, and became a sort of perfumed legend. This legend was passed on to generations, and the memories lingered on. These are the memories that the Andalusian Soul brings back to life once again.


The top notes of this perfume consist of acacia, vanilla, and amber, ingredients which evoke a sense of nostalgia and a yearning of the days of yore. The middle notes are composed of cistus and rum, an unlikely, yet somehow a warm and beautiful allure. Balsamic accords and aromatic sage make up the bottom notes, bringing together this redolent delight, making a perfume which will linger on in your memory, forever.

The bottle, made in shades of yellow and orange, also brings to mind images of a caravan bumbling through the countryside, bringing with itself orange blossoms, ribbed melilot, turpentine resin, rosemary, and Indian sandalwood. This sunny picture gets hard to ignore, and you will be surely motivated to pick up a bottle, all for yourself.